AT&T iPhone pre-orders: ‘Temporarily suspended’

Customers who visit AT&T’s website today and attempt to pre-order an Apple iPhone 4 are greeted with the message:

Pre-orders for iPhone temporarily suspended

MacDailyNews Take: As opposed to yesterday when iPhone pre-orders were incompetently suspended.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “David C.” for the heads up.]


  1. I tried to preorder over a dozen times yesterday and never, never, NEVER was able to complete the process. Errors, timeouts, etc were commonplace. So, I wonder how many people were actually able to get through the morass. Amazingly bad performance all around. I imagine Steve’s blood pressure is sky high today.

  2. I finally got word from AT&T;at 9:30 last night that my iPhone orders, placed at an AT&T;store at 10 in the morning. Took them forever to get it done, but at least it’s in the queue now!

  3. Come on, give them a break, they are victims of their own success, or actually Apple’s success but they did take a chance and they deserve a credit. Verizon did not want an iPhone in the beginning, AT&T;gambled and won, unfortunately they did not expect this kind of success.
    Nobody is perfect.

  4. I tried repeatedly ALL day yesterday to place an order through the Apple Store, the ATT web site, the new Apple Store iPhone App, as well as calling ATT and Apple. No luck.

    On my way home from work, I went out of my way to the Mall to visit a real Apple store – only to be greeted by a staffer that said I could try ordering one through their “convenient” self-service kiosks on any of the demo computers. Same BS that I was getting all day. So WTF was the purpose of the message I got online all day yesterday that basically said “make a reservation” at an Apple store? The Apple staffer said they couldn’t do anything to process the orders.

    So I stopped by the ATT store on my way out of the mall. Customers lined up about 10 deep with only three ATT staff who were obviously overwhelmed with other crap. Didn’t see a single iPhone being processed at the ATT store. Lame.

    So now the interwebs are saying that pre-orders are sold out.


    VERY disappointed.

  5. I’ve never been a first day adopter for any Apple product – satisfying myself that such behavior was good self control.

    For the first time ever, I decided to depart from my long established practice and get me a new phone on day one.

    Now I feel completely stupid for falling for Steve Jobs’ famous hype.

    I’ll never do that again.

  6. You guys are behaving like 5 year old children, bunch of crybabies.
    “Beeeee, I will not get my toy on day one, beeee”
    Instead of spending a day trying to order a phone, why don’t you take your girlfriend to the movies, make her feel special…oh wait, you don’t have girlfriends.

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