AT&T-iPad hacker arrested on drug charges

“A hacker in a group that discovered the AT&T iPad-related flaw was arrested following the execution of an FBI search warrant of his home in Arkansas on Tuesday, authorities told CNET,” Elinor Mills reports for CNET.

“Andrew Auernheimer, 24, was being held in Washington County Detention Center in Fayetteville, Ark., according to Lt. Anthony Foster of the Washington County Sheriff’s office in that state,” Mills reports.

“Auernheimer, who goes by the name ‘Escher’ and the hacker handle ‘Weev,’ faces four felony charges of possession of a controlled substance and one misdemeanor possession charge, Foster said,” Mills reports. “The drugs included cocaine, ecstasy, LSD, and schedule 2 and 3 pharmaceuticals, he said.”

Mills reports, “Auernheimer is a key member of the Goatse Security group that discovered the security weakness in an AT&T Web site for iPad users last week.”

Full article, along with a mugshot that you can imagine pretty much perfectly before you see it, here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn W.” for the heads up.]


  1. Steve516 – exactly.

    He may live with his mom, have a crazy beard, and look like he just finished an ecstasy-fueled session of WoW, but he and his crew were able to hack AT&T;.

    The joke is on AT&T;here.


    Being able to hack ATT is no big deal especially since they gave him an open page, invitation and keys. Getting caught and stashing drugs, when you think you are a bad ass is a joke and a pretty dumb hack.

  3. WOW, What a bunch of haters you are. Are you blind to what is happening here: The FBI is playing the role of jack-booted thug, because the corporation known as AT&T;is embarrassed to have their lack of security exposed in the press.

    Was he breaking the law with the drugs, sure. Would the FBI have an interest in a small time user without AT&T;? No chance.

    So you all have a good chuckle about the “Redneck” and sit their all smug in your judgement chair. Meanwhile the little guys get screwed again…

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