New Hampshire school giving Apple iPads to incoming freshmen

Zinio Digital Magazines - Reading Revolutionized“A prep school in New Hampshire will make use of one of the hottest new high-tech gadgets on the market,” WMUR reports.

“New Hampton School announced that all incoming ninth-grade students in the fall will receive an Apple iPad as part of a pilot program to improve technology integration in the classroom,” WMUR reports.

“The program was funded by a reunion gift from the school’s class of 1960. The school will evaluate the program to determine whether it should be expanded to all students,” WMUR reports. “School officials said the iPad’s slim design, speed and available software allows it to provide access to textbooks and other useful tools. Students will be able to create and share work easily, the school said.”

WMUR reports, “New Hampton School is an independent, co-educational, college preparatory secondary school of 310 students from 30 states and 20 countries.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Kirk” for the heads up.]


  1. As an incoming high school freshman, we were excited to have 33 MHz 386s which were then replaced with 33 MHz 486s. We were so excited. We were like, “AutoCad is gonna scream! We will be able to render this fly through in a day!” lol

    Now kids get iPads.

    @ditchdoc68 – I think everyone is frantically trying to pre-order their iPhone 4s (which, thankfully, I’ve FINALLY been able to order.)

  2. Peter
    Me too, 52 years in fact. What I remember is the first electric typewriter when I was a HS freshman in 1954. We had a type class of about 30 but only two electric machines. What a great day when it was my turn with one of them. Fell in love with it. I may be the only straight guy in my school that took 4 years of type. I got up to 84 words per minute. Still pretty good at age 70. Now I love the iPad. Always something to look forward to.

  3. New Hampshire giving out iPads?

    I’d have thought that in New England’s official Redneck State they’d be passing out deer rifles or boxes of thirty-aight-six ammo.

    Live Free or Die?…. gimme a break!
    I grew up in Boston and that slogan is an embarrassment to all civilized New Englanders!

  4. @Mr Reese –

    Hate much?

    I’ve been to Boston and New Hampshire and found more civilized people in New Hampshire. Too many crabby people with their hand out in Boston..

    When deer are not hunted, they overpopulate, and spread disease. We wiped out their natural predators ages ago. Us hunting them is actually good for the species you dolt.

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