Apple and AT&T technical meltdown mars first day of iPhone 4 pre-orders

“Buyers are reporting problems getting their orders for the latest iPhone registered,” The Associated Press reports.

“On Tuesday, the first day Apple and AT&T started taking such orders, shoppers said they were met with error messages on the company Web sites,” AP reports. “Lines formed in stores as clerks tried to get orders through the computer systems.”

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Alexei Oreskovic and Sinead Carew report for Reuters, “Customers attempting to reserve the next iPhone were thwarted by error messages on the websites of Apple Inc. and AT&T Inc. on Tuesday, the first day of pre-orders for the phone.”

“AT&T, the iPhone’s exclusive operator, declined to comment, and Apple did not immediately respond to a questions about the technical problems that provoked complaints by customers in several cities across the United States, including Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York,” Oreskovic and Carew report.

“Customers lined up outside some stores to ask AT&T employees to manually process their orders,” Oreskovic and Carew report. “One attempt by a Reuters reporter to pre-order the phone on both Apple and AT&T’s websites generated error messages. The following came from AT&T’s website. ‘There was a problem with your request,’ it read. ‘We’re sorry, but we are experiencing a system error that prevents us from completing your request.'”

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Jennifer Valentine-Devries and Paul Glader report for The Wall Street Journal, “Many customers were unable to preorder the new iPhone 4 via AT&T Inc. or Apple Inc.’s websites Tuesday, a development that marred the first day people could sign up to buy the new phone.”

“An AT&T sales representative at a Manhattan store said the preorder system for the iPhone 4 has been down for much of the day. While the system has worked on occasion, it has largely been out, she said,” Valentine-Devries and Paul Glader report. “The sales clerk said she has been taking the credit card information of customers looking to preorder and planned to enter then into the system when it comes back up. She said similar issues were seen last year when the iPhone 3GS was made available for preorder.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Incompetency on parade. Again.


  1. Systems were totally hosed when I tried earlier today; hope by the time I do get through I won’t be stuck waiting for 3 months till they have enough in stock…

  2. I wish there was some perspective here.. how many thousands if not millions of people are trying to do this, all within a few hours after pre-ordering comes online.. I don’t think its possible no matter what they did..

    lets get a reality check going here…

  3. I gave up on and stopped aty local Best Buy on the way back from the doctor about 10:15 am eastern time and was number 6 to pre order and number 2 to order a black 32g. Never thought I would say this, but thanks for being there Best Buy.

  4. Funny how this doesn’t ever happen during an iPhone launch anywhere else.

    AT&T;are unbelievably brutal. I’ve had tethering for almost a year now in Canada with no problems.

    Whenever I’m in the US, my phone runs painfully slow on the bogged down crap network.

    Maybe all of you that can afford an off contract unit should wait and get yours UNLOCKED FROM APPLE WHEN IT RELEASES HERE.

  5. When you’ve got people up all night or standing in lines around the block just to reserve one so they can stand in lines again on release day…well, that’s 2X the problem the competition wish they had.

  6. Wow, breaking news! The same thing every time Apple lands a homer. ATT seems to foul the moment.

    ATT, could you pay Apple to handle your activations in the future. It may add an once of credibility to an already damaged image.

    Maybe, you could ask CEO Jobs to handle your business for a year. Before the other carriers eat your lunch.

    Just hope you have an ear open!

  7. Apparently, the networking guys who gave us this mess of an ordering system are the same guys who set up a WiFi network that have a dedicated network for Steve’s presentation at WWDC.

    I wonder how many Apple people on LinkedIn are going to have updated Job Search profiles.

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