Joe Wilcox: ‘I was wrong about Apple iPad’

Zinio Digital Magazines - Reading Revolutionized“The world does need an Apple tablet — and perhaps others — contrary to what I asserted in late January,” Joe Wilcox writes for BetaNews. “Gloaters will circle my admission like vultures pecking a carcass, but that’s the penalty for being wrong. Yes, I was wrong. I admit it. Flail me in Betanews comments or other blogs. Surely Macheads will peck away even my bones. Go ahead. I won’t often give you such opportunity.”

“Some quick background: I bought an iPad on April 17th; earlier, I gave 12 reasons why I wouldn’t. One reason for buying outweighed the 12 for not: The need to test the tablet so I could write more authoritatively about it. Apple most assuredly wouldn’t send me a review unit; I don’t pucker up and kiss PR butt with loving soliloquies about how great are Apple products — although this post is about as close as there may be for a long time,” Wilcox reports. “On May 24th, I sold the 64GB iPad to a friend for a little less than what I paid for it. He since bought two more iPads (one 3G). But I missed the iPad and couldn’t quite say why at first. I didn’t need the device. Functionally, iPad overlapped with smartphone and laptop”

“I was wrong,” Wilcox admits. “On further reflection, I realized that iPad offers fresh functionality: Immersion. I find there are fewer reading distractions, and content is better presented than on a laptop and browser. I’m more focused and retain more of what I read. For reasons not easily explained, I find myself more thoroughly reading iBooks than defaulting to the skimming I sometimes do with physical books. Part of this immersive experience is the technology, but also how iPad is used. Apple’s tablet is a sit down and focus device, as much because of size and shape as screen and user interface. The totality — physical design and software benefits — is immersion.”

Wilcox reports, “On June 10, I bought another 64GB iPad.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Enjoy your iPad, Joe!


  1. “Yes, I was wrong. I admit it. Flail me in Betanews comments or other blogs. Surely Macheads will peck away even my bones. Go ahead. I won’t often give you such opportunity.”

    Gee Joe Your taken all the fun out of it!

  2. OK, all you who iCal’d him … reset your clocks. …your Calendars. Something. Not only was he proven wrong to OUR satisfaction, he even admitted it to himself.
    I still have not bought mine. Not because I don’t recognize the value – even my WIFE recognizes the value – but because I anticipate a significantly greater value with v2! There’s a 3rd-party app out there that kinda-sorta does the GarageBand thing, and iMovie is, or will be, available. It isn’t a question of “if” for me, but “when”.

  3. This immersion he is talking about may be for a large part the quest for a full screen experience, which windows users are practically forced into by the user interface, and which they try to recreate.

    Mac users like to have windows that keep other windows partly uncovered. It is felt as being in more control and keeping an overview of what’s happening. On the iPhone I can understand that screen real estate is important but I am not so sure whether the same holds for the iPad.

  4. Nice to see someone actually own up and admit he was wrong. I’m sure there are many, many, many other reviewers out there who need to do the same, but lack the fortitude to do so.

  5. This is actually VERY interesting…especially with regard to how people consume content. Specifically news content.
    Newspapers and magazines (please don’t make this political) have a culture of design and depth. The layout of a page, the size of photos, the flow of text are all essentially removed by the browser experience which while leveling the ‘playing field’ also tends to make the act more of a task…hence the rise of blogs and other media that make you CHANGE the page or view on average 37 times an hour (a real …and recent stat). If you LIKE what you are looking at or are immersed in the content you stay engaged with it.

    The ipad has powerful implications for print media..and a low subscription price (under $15) and BETTER advertising could easily improve the fortunes of many ‘old media’ brands.

    It’s too easy to look at the current landscape (before the ipad) and extrapolate the future of media consumption as all just easily digestible bits of news…Clearly design matters, quality content matters, what MATTERS…matters…it’s not all just news as pure entertainment.

  6. Last week I bought a 3G 64GB iPad for no other reason than being an Apple fan. When I first started using it I found it duplicative with the 4 Macs and 3 iPhones in my house.

    Now, I can’t imagine life without it. And that’s only after a week. It is truely a magical device.

  7. Oh, he’s got it figured out, all right. Bash it to get hits, then praise it to get even more.

    Nice strategy, for a hit-whore.

    OTOH, interesting observation (immersion)…

  8. Do me a favor – register on BetaNews and post a nice reply so folks can see we’re not all idiots, OK?
    I did. I think it’s time to stop acting like juvenile tools defending Apple.
    My 2¢

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