U.S. ITC to investigate HTC’s claim of Apple patent infringement; could ban iPhone from U.S. sale

” Bill Ray reports for The Register, “The US International Trade Commission has decided to investigate HTC’s allegations that Apple is infringing its patents. Its answer could see the iPhone banned from American stores.”

“The ITC’s investigation is in response to HTC’s complaint, filed on May 12th, that Apple is in breach of various patents owned by HTC,” Ray reports. “The complaint calls for a ban on the import of infringing products – an interesting prospect, but one that’s pretty unlikely to actually happen.”

Ray reports, “A ban on Apple products would certainly hurt the company, and quite possibly the US economy, but such a thing is still a very long way off. The ITC has announced it will be investigating, and now has 45 days to announce a schedule for that investigation. Even if Apple is found to be infringing HTC’s patents it will still get 60 days to appeal to the US Trade Representative.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Judge Bork” for the heads up.]


  1. The primary result of this development may be a drop in value of AAPL (Apple stock). There is no doubt that somebody will put a percentage number for likelihood of this complaint going the HTC way and consequently iPhone being banned from US market. Some investors may hedge their bets, based on that number, which may pull AAPL down artificially.

    As we all know, HTC has no chance in hell to get anywhere with this.

  2. With all the lawsuits flying around this monday its like a bar brawl. Can imaging a real fight breaking out with someone hitting Steve when Jony Ive steps into the room. hehe

    Go Jony!!

  3. Ban the iPhone, start a riot! I hope those with the ITC weigh carefully the results of their judgment.

    Ooooohhhh… MDN magic word: ‘death’… very foreboding to HTC, the company! Although I wish to be clear, I do not advocate violence in any of it’s extremes! Especially over metal and glass.

  4. @Rob: “I guess I will have to upgrade to iP 4 ASAP, just in case”

    No wonder Apple is ordering components to sell 3 million iPhones a month! The possibility of a ban by the ITC due to the suit brought by HTC.

    For the increased iPhone sales, thanks, HTC!

  5. Could such a ban be retroactive, and current owners forced to turn in their iPhones?

    I’m worried about all the Lilliputlians ganging up to take down Apple. This is supposed to be free market competition?

  6. Damn Register. What they conveniently fail to mention, is the HTC action is a desperate counter-suit against Apple’s patent infringement suit against them. HTC is known to possess very few patents of any significance, and independent opinion puts much more credence in Apple’s claim. So the party in danger of being banned from sale is Google’s minion HTC, NOT Apple.

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