Apple video highlights successful iOS developers along with Android’s immaturity, fragmentation

A five-minute Apple video “features a parade of high-profile, highly successful developers — Callaway’s Nicholas Callaway, Bottle Rocket’s Calvin (‘NPR’) Carter, Pandora’s Tom Conrad, ABC TV’s Skarpi Hedinsson, Illusion Lab’s Carl (‘Labyrinth’) Loodberg, and Wolfram Research’s Theodore (‘The Elements’) Gray — extolling the wonders of Apple’s SDK and the perils of developing for anybody else,” Philip Elmer-DeWitt writes for Fortune.

“‘It is that handset fragmentation, if you will,’ adds Hendinsson helpfully, speaking of an unnamed competitor,’that causes developers a lot of problems. Because you are now targeting individual devices,'” Elmer-Dewitt reports. “Then, just to nail home that it’s Google’s Android everybody’s talking about, Conrad pitches in: ‘It’s really evident in Apple’s APIs, in the developer tools, that you’re working with something really mature, not something that was invented two years ago.'”

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Direct link to video via YouTube here.

On a related note, Bo Stone reports for AndroidGuys, “On the Android Market forums there is an uproar: many apps significantly suddenly dropped their counts. We already covered Market issues twice in the past week and Google even apologized to developers. However last night the first thing I noticed was that my “Credit Card” app disappeared from the market search. No, it wasn’t yanked. It can still be found by direct query… but it does not appear on search by name, by keyword or even when I click on ‘View more applications.'”

“My troubles didn’t stop there: just this morning I went on the Market and to my dismay immediately noticed that counts on my apps were down, way down, to the levels of March-April 2010,” Stone reports. “This also affected position on the top list for Hire*A*droid, which plummeted about 20 slots.”

Stone reports, “Being a programmer myself, I understand too well that no one writes perfect software. However, what disturbs me deeply is that there’s really no support system for the Android Market. The Market is not an open source so we have to rely on Google to fix any problems. Yet there’s no bug tracking, no support phone or even email or any way to file a problem ticket.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Why waste time trying to develop for something like Android which is destined to take a massive hit the moment Apple flips the switch on multiple U.S. carriers?

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Tim B.” for the heads up.]


  1. Video is awesome. This is what the consumers needs to see. The Android geek squad and their FUD machine just blah blah blah, blah blah blah blah. Apple, we show you why.

  2. This should be a TV ad. Apple keeps running the same ad that I have seen many times for the iPad. Try a TV ad contest for who can make the best ads and pick the top 5. Apple will get a tsunami of TV ads.

    Also, counter the really lame Windows developer ads with these real app developers. They will do it for free and sell another million of their apps the same day it airs.

  3. Why does MDN continue to say more Carriers. It hasn’t happen. MDN you should know best. Apple now has “special events” for each product when neccesary. Yes maybe in a few years. But don’t hold your breathe for this year. All the new iPhone news is out. No more carriers this year.

    MDN tak should be. “android market – it’s just like a hemroid, a pain in the ass and not wanted.”

  4. Maybe not this year, but soon…Apple’s legal team may be looking for a loophole in the exclusivity contract, especially with ATT pulling the unlimited data rug from under them. (And while the iPhone may have that exclusivity contract, I don’t think the iPad does…)

  5. Support or just error feedback is a real problem with Google: just try reporting an (e.g., security) issue about Google mail. Not only is it hard, they probably don’t read it. The issue I am referring to *never* got fixed or addressed in any way.

    No reason to expect any better behavior from Google for their phone. Maybe it’s just a hobby:)

  6. Apple may be controlling but one of the posts at Android Guys is telling. jasper, an android developer re his sales:
    ” the biggest issue I encounter is that half of the downloads cannot be charged since people are allowed to create a Google checkout account with an invalid creditcard number. Meaning.. the user has downloaded the app, he/she cannot be charged.”

  7. “MacDailyNews Take: Why waste time trying to develop for something like Android which is destined to take a massive hit the moment Apple flips the switch on multiple U.S. carriers?”

    It will take its most massive hit when the first real virus/trojan-horse comes out!

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