Microsoft opens third retail store today in Denver

“Today’s a big day in suburban Colorado. Microsoft is coming to town, opening a new front in its well-publicized retail war with Apple,” Tim Beyers reports for The Motley Fool.

MacDailyNews Take: A “big day” for whom, exactly? And, some “war,” Tim. Microsoft has three empty boxes that have to dangle free concert tickets to get people to come to their opening vs. Apple’s 250+ retail store worldwide network that makes billions of dollars and generates long lines of people at grand openings and product releases, no concert tickets required.

Beyers reports, “I’m here, surveying the event and somewhat lengthy line, which appears to be comprised of as many fans of Disney Channel’s Demi Lovato as Microsoft technology. Why? The first 1,000 shoppers get tickets to a Lovato performance on Saturday at the Park Meadows Mall, where Apple and now Microsoft both have retail operations.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Those three empty Microsoft Retail Stores are symbolic of a failed, visionless, derivative company. That said, “May Microsoft shareholders remain catatonic, so Steve Ballmer can remain Microsoft CEO for as long as it takes!”

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “iWill” for the heads up.]


  1. Giving away concert tickets to have people come to their grand opening?

    Just put an ad in the paper and tell people the first 1,000 people to stand in line get $50 each.

    Geez, if this goes any further, Microshaft will have to give away new Apple products to get people to attend their grand openings.

  2. What is harder to accept than this is the fact that nobody is posting recent pics of the two current MS Stores.

    Surely somebody that visits MDN must live in the same region. Or did MS actually find locations that Mac is not?

  3. Bing is actually not a bad search engine. Apple has no plans to offer its own search engine. Steve Jobs said it himself at the D8 conference. In iOS4, Bing will be available in the search field along with Giggle and Yahoo!

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