Palm WebOS UI designer signs on at Apple

“WebOS interface designer Rich Dellinger has left the company to rejoin his former employer: Apple,” John Paczkowski reports for AllThingsD’s Digital Daily.

“Judging from his Twitter feed he started on June 1,” Paczkowski reports. “Dellinger, who was instrumental in developing Palm’s core Mojo app framework as well as the webOS notification system, has returned to Apple, a company he previously worked for from 1999 to 2006. His new position: Senior user interface designer.”

Paczkowski reports, “Just what, exactly, he’ll be doing in that capacity remains to be seen, but I imagine it will have something to do with Apple’s newly rebranded iOS…”

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  1. WebOS is the only other mobile operating system that is usable. I’d be happy to see more of those folks come back to Apple.

    Apple has a problem with the huge success they have achieved with a very, very small number of hardware and software engineers. They are all overworked. Glad to see a small, but continuous trickle of hiring this year.

    Apple was hiring a large number of LCD display engineers in the summer of 2008. They had even rented out a ballroom at a hotel near the SID conference in Los Angeles for interviews. So, two years later, their work is coming to fruition with the iPad and new iPhone Retina displays. So, we should see some truly wonderful things in the SoC and iOS realms in the next year or so from the PA Semi puchase and other software personnel hirings in the past couple of years.

    Great things ahead for Apple!!

  2. webOS is a better mobile operating system than iOS. Steve probably used a Pre and decided he better bring some of those boys back home after they left and showed dad that they’re all grown up.

  3. HP bought Palm for 1.2 billion (plus possibly also assuming Palm’s massive $ debts).

    Now palm’s top guys are defecting! Mobile Interface designer Duarte to Google and now this guy to Apple.

    Now that Apple’s pulled out knockout iOS and iPhone 4 upgrades while Palm is desperately reorganizing I wonder whether HP’s CEO Hurd is regretting his billion buck gamble?

    I guess he can say it’s not as bad as HP’s 25 billion compaq deal :

    CNET 2001
    “Analysts say HP faces a rocky road, as it works to survive a sour PC market while combining Compaq business units that are quite similar to its own. Meanwhile, investors send HP shares lower, pushing the total value of the proposed merger below $20 billion just a day after it was announced.”

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