Whoops! Sprint ‘erred,’ says Evo 4G launch sales much lower than claimed

“Sprint in an update late Tuesday had to drastically scale back its claims of the Evo 4G breaking sales records,” Electronista reports.

“While it still had its strongest launch ever, the company said it ‘erred’ and that sales were just equal to the combined sales of the Palm Pre and Samsung Instinct, not three times higher like it said on Monday,” Electronista reports. “It didn’t say how many of the Android phones actually sold, nor what had triggered the mistake.”

Electronista reports, “As yet unconfirmed estimates put the Evo 4G’s weekend sales at 200,000 phones, although this number may be in question given Sprint’s own belief that it was inaccurate.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Why waste your money on an iPhone wannabe when you can have the real thing?


  1. “… the company said it ‘erred’ and that sales were … not three times higher like it said on Monday, … “

    “Microsoft acknowledged on Friday that it used an inaccurate number to represent research company IDC’s sales forecast for the upcoming Windows Phone 7 platform, … ”

    “Errors” ?

    I suspect not.

    It walks like market manipulation.
    It talks like market manipulation.
    It looks like market manipulation.

    I’d say it’s market manipulation, and it must be investigated.

  2. Urlow:

    Unfotunately there is no much better…if you think different, ( no pun intended) please let us know what the ” much better” alternative is… And please don’t say Verizon, they are nasty bullies that really don’t give a fuck about their customers.

  3. Breeze –

    I was comparing ATT’s network to Sprint’s network, in light of the Evo (4G is wicked fast, unlimited, and 33% cheaper for me compared to what I was paying with ATT for the same minutes/txt/data, not to mention better M2M + 7pm nights)

    the iphone 4 is without a doubt the best phone out there, but chained to ATT really reduces its appeal

  4. Urlow:

    Apple is starting to get pissed at ATT ( trust me on this), ATT is starting to get arrogant and snide, it’s still for the best part, handling the iPhone onslaught quite well dispute it’s shortfalls.

    The cutting edge is the “bleeding edge”…don’t let that stop you…

  5. Sprint and all of the others try to offer an almost the same matching device that can only follow with a imperfect elusion of something that is kind-alike what Apple is supplying.

    It is like being in a desert and you are reaching for that cold icy glass of water and some idiot has a glass of warn swamp mud they are trying to get you to take.

  6. I purchased one, not a bad phone, especially coming off my 3G, I was looking for an alternative to AT&T;, but i’m sucked back in with the 4G, there will be two 4G’s for my house as soon as they are released. The EVO will be going back, not a bad phone, probably the BEST alternative out there besides the iPhone……but it is no iPhone

    Damn I hate AT&T;

  7. What amuses me about the EVO is to get better battery life you have to:

    Turn off 4G
    Turn off wireless
    Turn off the GPS
    Turn the screen brightness to 50%
    Delete the sense widgets
    Disable the animated background
    Use task killer every day

    Don’t get me wrong, HTC makes one hell of a handset. I love the different home screens and customization of Android. But, Android does a piss poor job of handling all of these resources.

    It all comes down to balance.

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