Daniel Lyons: The Mac is dead; Steve Jobs: ‘Completely wrong. Just wait.’

By SteveJack

Unfortunately, no matter where you go, be it a school classroom, office, sports stadium, The United Nations, etc., there always seems to be some dysfunctional royal asshole about whom everyone else just rolls their eyes and tries to avoid. This person thinks they are the smartest person in the room, by far, when they’re usually quite the opposite.

They also have a penchant for being a wiseass who likes to try to push everyone’s buttons, ostensibly to create some sort of warped joy in their torturous lives. Likely, they see the eyes rolling from 50-feet away, but since they’re so horribly maladjusted, they’ve taught themselves to ignore it; deluding themselves that because they’re so damn “smart,” all of the world’s idiots are simply too stupid to like them. Button-pushing is their refuge; the only “joy” they can find – because everyone else knows they’re a royal asshole to be avoided whenever possible and dealt with only when necessary.

Which brings us to Daniel Lyons.

This sad piece of work toils for Newsweek, an irrelevant, failing, terminally-biased rag destined for bankruptcy or worse: Having to continue filling its paltry few remaining pages with scribbles from the likes of Daniel Lyons, royal asshole. All of the good people who used to work for Newsweek are long gone to greener pastures. The bottom of the barrel is all that remains.

Under the headline, “RIP, Macintosh,” Lyons taunts, “Dear Macintosh, I hate to tell you this, but my guess is you’ve probably been sensing it already. I don’t know any good way to say it so let me just be blunt: You’ve been dropped. Dumped. It’s over. I’m sorry. I know this hurts. But you need to face up to the truth… The future of Apple is no longer centered around the Macintosh. You Mac guys just got kicked to the curb, relegated to the steaming dung heap of the past.”

Full article – Think Before You Click™here.

Steve Jobs replies

Instead of making things up and spewing his nasty concoction in a futile attempt to fill a bottomless hole in his empty blackened soul, Macsimum News’ Dennis Sellers went straight to the source: “I fired off a quick email to Steve Jobs about the ‘obit’ and asked him about it. His terse reply: ‘Completely wrong. Just wait.'”

Full article here.

SteveJack is a long-time Macintosh user, web designer, multimedia producer and a semi-regular contributor to the MacDailyNews Opinion section who, among other things, basically described the iPhone on December 10, 2002.


  1. It’s not just me, at least I think it is…

    Is the level of vitriol reaching some insane new level, or is it just more obvious that, in light of Apple’s success, that a good chunk of the self professed tech press simply does not “get” Apple or Jobs?

  2. Okay, stop. Aside from the poor and snarky writing, Lyons is more or less right. Jobs himself said that PCs will become more like trucks, and computers like the iPad will be more like cars.

    Fewer and fewer people need desktops now, since laptops have become so powerful.

    In a couple of years, fewer and fewer people will need laptops, since the iPad (or something like it) will fulfill computing needs for large swaths of the public.

    The Mac won’t die, but you’ll start to see less of them, and yes, iOS and its associated hardware *is* the future of Apple. Put it this way: if Apple’s desktop/laptop division falters, it would be bad for Apple; if their mobile offers falter, it would be catastrophic.

  3. Unfortunately, I’ve been reading much the same trash around the web today. It’s an insidious meme in the same ilk as the decades old “Mac is dead” meme.

    Why don’t people understand that this year’s WWDC was specifically aimed at mobile devices for so many reasons: new phone, new OS, new features, new name.

    As I said on another forum where it was about developers complaining about the demise of the Mac: Remember Apple in the last year released a new OS for the Mac. I really haven’t seen much new software taking advantage of all the great new features of that OS. When they have presented me with incredible new applications that take maximum advantage of all those features and they have completely exhausted the possibilities that OS upgrade provides, then they me be right in crying for some attention from Apple. Do you hear that Adobe????

    When Steve does the next keynote about Mac stuff, I want to see him parade a great collection of software out on that stage before he shows off the enhancements Apple’s bringing to the next release version.

  4. There is like 10% of truth to that. The point that Mac Is dead is wrong. But there is more focus on the iPhone/pad which steals the spotlight from Mac computers. So they they are dead… No, just not primary focus at the moment.

  5. Pandering to the naysayers in a pitiful little attempt for attention (probable) and redemption (unlikely in the extreme). <i>Newsweek<> deserves its ignominious ending, despite the fact that it has some great writers and some credibility.

  6. Gee, I am enjoying having Steam on my mac now. Why would Valve bother to port to a “dead” platform? Why are mac sales at an all-time high? Because it’s not dead, it’s stronger than ever, and Apple isn’t going to walk away from it because it is part of the user “experience” they want to deliver.

  7. OK Enough of this nonsense. Even the supposed experts like Leo Laporte have been babbling this idiocy just because there were no ‘Mac awards’ handed out at the show, and no mention of Mac OS X.

    You fools. Windows is updated every 3 years, OS X is updated about every 1.5-2 years, and we just got Snow Leopard last year.

    Calm down. In case you haven’t noticed, Apple still makes the coolest computers on the planet, and OS X isn’t exactly lacking in ‘gotta have it’ features. Next year it will be a 10 year old OS.

    It’s already been announced that this year WWDC is iPhone centric and next year will get more Mac stuff.

    Everyone just calm the hell down.

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