Apple’s iPhone 4 pressures European rivals

Supreme Studio Makeover from “Handset vendors Nokia Corp. and Sony Ericsson will continue to feel the pressure from U.S. rival Apple Inc. in the high-end smartphone market through the launch of the iPhone 4 mobile device, industry watchers said Tuesday,” Gustav Sandstrom reports for The Wall Street Journal.

“Apple Monday announced the latest version of its high-end handset, which will be available June 24 in the U.S., U.K., France, Germany and Japan,” Sandstrom reports. “It will come in black and white and is 24% thinner than its predecessor. It also has a bigger battery that allows for seven hours of talk time, and a better camera, sharper display and more powerful battery than the older iPhone 3GS.”

Sandstrom reports, “The iPhone 4 will reach several key markets quickly and has a similar price to the older 3GS, so it is likely to be the best-selling iPhone ever, research director Ben Wood at analysis firm CCS Insight told Dow Jones Newswires Tuesday.”

“Underscoring its struggle to gain the upper hand in the premium handset market, Nokia last month said it will shake up its management structure for the second time in less than a year, creating a new business unit for high-end smartphones and services, in order to boost product development,” Sandstrom reports. “Nokia press spokeswoman Eija-Riitta Huovinen Tuesday declined to comment on what the iPhone 4 launch may mean for her company’s smartphone business.”

MacDailyNews Take: More pain.

Sandstrom reports, “Sony Ericsson press spokesman Aldo Liguori also declined to comment on the iPhone 4 launch. He said his company aims to compete in the high-end smartphone market through attractive hardware design, high-quality cameras, and use of Google Inc.’s application-friendly open Android platform.”

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MacDailyNews Take: They’ve got no answers. It’s as simple as that.

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  1. Again, hardware people trying to make a better product by hoping that a software company can make their inferior hardware appear better than an iPhone. At least until they can get that 2 year contract signed!

    This sounds like what is happening to Dell putting all their hopes on Microsoft.

    It is like watching the Titanic sink and know one on board wants to admit the ship is going DOWN!

  2. I want one. My 3GS contract doesn’t end for another year. Bummer!

    I am dismayed by the nature of the Android/iOS debate. They represent two different philosophies and serve different groups. There really is no reason proponents of each group to attempt to denigrate or kill off the other OS. There was a time that I would have gleefully embraced Android. I am happier now to have the more polished and curated iOS experience.

  3. “Nokia … said it will shake up its management structure for the second time in less than a year, …” They are moving the chairs around the deck of the Titanic as it sinks into the icy waters!

    If you intimidate “management” will that produce a better smartphone with a better OS and hundreds of thousands of app? Idiots. Should have gotten off with the rats at the dock. This ship is going down!

  4. “Application Friendly Android”!?! That explains why apps on ’s App Store outnumber apps on Google’s MeTooStore by over 100,000!

    And the irony is the derivative Google has NO restrictions and STILL commands far fewer apps & developers.

    Google is the Microsoft of the 21st Century… and I mean that in the worst possible way.

  5. …”Google Inc.’s application-friendly open Android platform.”

    meaning Google doesn’t care what the app is, what hardware it resides on, whether or not the app or the hardware OS is updated…

    Clueless marketing spin that sounds good but makes no sense…unfortunately there are folks that buy these words until they look at what they have and what’s on the iPhone. Nothing like building customer….something or another.

  6. On one hand, their hardware can’t compete with Apple’s hardware. On the other hand, their software (usually Android) can’t compete with Apple’s software. They can’t compete with Apple on the efficiency that comes from making essentially two phones (this year’s iPhone model and last year’s) for the entire world (not counting case color and storage as differences). And they can’t compete with Apple on the App Store or the iTunes ecosystem either.

    So to summarize, Apple has competitors who can’t compete.

  7. @ Jersey_Trader–

    “…know one on board…”???

    Okay, clearly you didn’t do that on purpose, but that’s a typo that looks like you went out of your way for! 😀

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