Apple screenshot shows iWork’s Keynote on iPhone 4

“Apple has inadvertently posted a screen shot on the new iPhone 4 pages of its American website showing the option to open an attachment ‘in Keynote,'” Stuart Miles reports for Pocket-lint.

“Currently Keynote, which is part of the iWork app suite and only available on the iPad, isn’t available on the iPhone,” Miles reports. “Previously iPad-only, the iBooks app has already been confirmed for the new iPhone OS, called iOS 4. However, there has been no word to date about iWork for the iPhone or even the individual apps: Pages, Numbers or Keynote.”

In an update, Miles reports, “Looks like Apple’s spotted its faux pas and changed the image to one that features iBooks instead.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Brawndo Drinker” for the heads up.]


  1. This could be nothing more than the images used on the site are created, which they probably are, and are not “real” images. Then some marketing dude prolly just made the mistake when he pulled the image files to create the screen shot.

    No biggie, move along.

  2. A lot going on full steam at Apple lately in addition to an ever growing avalanche created by iPad…

    Looks like some oversight slippage which will definitely be graced with Jobs chewing out a few managers .

  3. It’s funny how Microsoft is a software company, and their products suck, whereas Apple are predominantly known as a hardware company, yet their software is amazing.

    Just a thought. Carry on…

  4. Lots and lots of glitches, mistakes, faux pas, meltdowns, etc. of late. Makes me wonder if the new phone is cursed with some fatal flaws like we are seeing these days.

    I used to think all this was orchestrated by Jobs’ masterful marketing mind and maybe it is. But, it’s not so clever is it?

  5. Actually, that screenshot merely points to the fact that the Mail program will have “Open in Keynote” as an option when receiving a keynote file. But I get your point.

  6. Hey troll!

    Glad you could make it! Sure Apple was absolutely flawlessly perfect with no product issues in its entire company history until a few weeks ago.

    You are correct! Wow, the iPhone 4 must be in real trouble. I’d better dump all my Apple stock, buy Google. Sell my iPhone and switch to Android!

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