Trefis: Apple’s Intrinsity deal is a Snapdragon slayer

invisibleSHIELD case for iPad“Apple recently acquired Intrinsity for around $120 million according to industry insider estimates quoted by The New York Times,” Trefis blogs for Forbes. “Intrinsity makes mobile phone application processors and competes with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon, nVidia’s Tegra2, Intel’s Atom and Texas Instrument’s OMAP 4. These application processors give mobile phones and other mobile devices the computing power to run more sophisticated software and videos.”

“We believe the Intrinisity acquisition could benefit Apple with faster iPhone market share growth, while Qualcomm could be negatively impacted,” Trefis writes. “The iPhone 3GS has processor speeds that are currently around 600 MHz. Intrinsity’s processor speeds have touched 1GHz making it one of the fastest mobile phone processors along with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processor. In addition to high speed processing, Intrinsity processors use less battery power making it ideal for use in mobile devices (like the iPhone) where battery consumption is crucial.”

Trefis writes, “Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processor has seen gradual adoption and smartphones like Google’s Nexus One, LG’s eXpo, and the recently launched HTC Incredible are using it. However, with Apple expected to gain more market share, it could come at the expense of Qualcomm’s customers which could see stagnation or decline in their market shares. This will affect Qualcomm negatively as it will mean fewer sales of its Snapdragon processors.”

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  1. I believe I saw a “rumor”, recently, claiming the A4 will power the next gen of the iPhone. I could be wrong. Or the rumor could be wrong. Or both.
    Still, if this is a new purchase, would Apple have had time to integrate the processor into its line of phones? Already? Seems a bit much, to me.
    Agree with “John“, Android will neither kill nor BE killed by the iPhone. They can compete effectively with neither establishing total dominance. Don’t know about “Snapdragon”, though.

  2. @DLMeyer
    Yes, the expectation is that the A4 will power the next iPhone. And you’re right that the Intrinsity purchase took place after the A4 was developed, so the two are not related. We will have to wait for Apple’s next processor surprise to see the integration of technology from their new purchase.

    I am scratching my head at how that article regarding processors failed to mention the A4. It threw out a lot of names without providing much real analysis.

  3. Just wait for iPhone 4 to come out in June. It will blow the competition out of the water. The new iPhone will be 2.5 times the speed of the latest Android HTC Incredible and battery life will be between 15–20 hours per charge.

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