And the Pixelmator winners are…

The winners of the “Tweet Us About What You Think of Adobe” sweepstakes each get a free copy (license code) for Pixelmator!

As always, we advise readers not to buy Adobe’s Photoshop Elements until they’ve tried Pixelmator. You can start your free 30-day trial right now:

Try Pixelmator's free 30-day trial today!

And, the randomly-selected winners, by their Twitter usernames, are:

• 2derek
• ericdano
• noseotter

Pixelmator license codes have been sent to the lucky winners via Twitter Direct Message.

Congrats to the winners and enjoy Pixelmator!

Thanks to everyone who played!

MacDailyNews Note: We received nothing from Pixelmator but the license codes to give away. No fee was paid to MacDailyNews for this contest. MacDailyNews uses Pixelmator and recommends it to anyone who might be using or considering using Adobe’s Photoshop Elements. Every time you see the Pixlemator banner shown above in our articles, we added included it because we use and believe in the product; no advertising money has ever been involved.


  1. Congratulations to the winners!

    I’m jealous!

    I’m about halfway through my Pixelmator trial period and I’m definitely going to buy it (now that I haven’t won).

  2. @jimSydAus: This wasn’t a competition, it was a random selection, not based on merit. I’m glad I didn’t enter, as I was actually going to spend time actually thinking about the question at hand.

  3. As the former T3 tech for PS Elements, I advise you not to buy it regardless of what you’ve tried. Get Pixelmator, or spend a little more and get into the big leagues with Lightroom or Aperture.

  4. I use photoshop and I just tried out pixelmator and thing it would be awesome if they made a fuller version. I love a lot of the features and how they handle and look.. it truley looks like a Mac application and not a windows app converted over like photoshop does.

  5. I fancy myself an amateur photo enthusiast, and so I bought Aperture 2, and have been using it heavily since. Really want to upgrade to Aperture 3, but read so many horror stories with memory leaks etc. that I wanted to wait until it is more stable. I avoided trying Lightroom and it was an intentional decision.

    Here’s sincerely hoping, Apple is not too busy to overlook this little program of theirs.

  6. @ krquet

    I have Aperture 3 and haven’t experienced too many issues. Places seems a little flaky and have has some weird text issues, other than that it’s been fine. I made sure that I have 3 separate vaults just in case though. 1 on system drive, the other two on separate externals.

    I tried Lightroom for a bit, but just didn’t like the workflow structure. Lightroom leads you by the hand from step A to B to C etc, while Aperture is more fluid IMO.

    Congrats on winning! It’s a nice little package, hopefully they will continue to add more features.

  7. “it truley looks like a Mac application and not a windows app converted over like photoshop does.”

    What freakin difference should that make? “Hey look – I got 1/100 of the app photoshop is – but it looks really cool!”

  8. C1,
    What’s a T3 tech? And, also, I thought you did work on Illustrator? When you were there that is. Is the rumor correct that you now work for the Evil Giant – soft and flaccid?

  9. @ Cubert

    Tier 3 tech support. Lower levels have now all been outsourced to low-wage, high turnover call centers in India. There are roughly six T3 techs left that are actually employed by the company for all those products. I suppported Photoshop and Premiere Elements,, and the PS CS 3 & 4 beta programs. When I started there were over 20 T3s, plus many more Tier 2’s that were also badged employees. I never worked on Illustrator.

    Simple cyber-stalking will reveal if your rumors are true. My LinkedIn profile has been public for years.

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