Apple stock surges over $17 per share

Apple Online StoreThe rollercoaster continues.

Apple Inc.’s (AAPL) “wild ride continues with Monday’s EU-bailout rebound,” Phillip Elmer-Dewitt reports for Fortune.

“Stocks across the board have been whipsawed in the craziness of the past week, but few more violently than Apple,” Elmer-Dewitt reports. “Its share price dropped nearly 20% during Thursday’s free fall before bouncing back to a 3.8% loss. It lost another 4.2% the next day.”

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MacDailyNews Note: Currently, shares of Apple are trading up $17.60, or 7.46%, at $253.46.


  1. Pity the unfortunate “marketeers” who placed stop-loss points on their AAPL shares last week. Depending upon where those points were, exactly, some got murdered as the slide unraveled. And it was all for nothing, as shown in today’s rebound.

    It’s long term or nothing in these times. (And anyone who tells you he/she can consistently time the market is a liar or a fool. Or just someone who goes to Vegas and comes home a winner every time. Yeah. Right.)

  2. Sadly, I think this will be regarded as a dead cat bounce.

    Better believe that the EU issues over Greece, Spain and Portugal are far from over.

    This is lending by the insolvent, for the insolvent, and to the insolvent.

    Sooner or later there will have to be a default. Brace for more pain, none of which will effect Apple or it’s innovation or it’s sales. It’s just that there will fewer buyers of stocks, even the ‘risk free’ ones.

  3. @Jimmy

    You’re with Albert, even though his comments is falsified by the related links at the end of the story? You know, the ones that show coverage on MDN related to the huge stock drop?

    Or are you saying you are physically near Albert, since that could actually make rational sense?

  4. @Uther… I really can’t see why pity would be called for with anyone placing a “stop loss” order for AAPL. A Stop Loss order is something you use when you think a certain stock (or company) has the potential to go in the tank and never recover. With the recent market volatility… and I’m taking over the last couple of years, not the last week… it wouldn’t be out of the question for the market to take dips. Of course, nobody expected what happened last week to happen… but again… placing a stop loss order is like saying you’re going to give up on the company or stock when it falls. Anyone deciding to “give up” on AAPL is foolish and deserves no pity. It would be a seriously stupid move to place a “Stop Loss” order on a company that is headed towards the largest market cap of any US company.

    Just my two cents worth…

  5. I asked my “market guru” about the “fix”. He said such changes normally only involve stocks with unintended movements greater than 60% but that you can see a new example more days than not. This market-wide shift, though, may demand a market-wide fix of all trades in that 30-minute time span.
    We are well past that, now, so maybe now would be a good time for you fans to show your support by buying. For you (albert, et al, you know who you are) wanting to criticize this fan site, there WAS mention of the drop.

  6. Sure, and Google $26.00. This is money that the paranoid pulled out when they though everything was going to crash do to the problems in Europe.

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