New Steve Jobs email: ‘Life is fragile’

invisibleSHIELD case for iPadDan Frommer reports for Silicon Alley Insider, “SAI reader ‘James’ sent Jobs an email last week after reading a speech Steve gave about his experience with liver disease, which led to his liver transplant last year. Steve was speaking at an event in California, where he was promoting a bill that would effectively make it easier for people who need organ transplants to get them.”

James wrote to Steve:

Thank you, you’re awesome.

I lost my girlfriend on April 23, 2008 from melanoma which spread rapidly to her liver, 48 hours after we found out it spread to her liver she sadly passed away….she was only 24 and I think about her every day. I am so grateful you took time out to do this. My girlfriend and I are from Cupertino, since childhood, and it’s really nice to see the hometown hero take time out to do this.

Once again, thank you so much.



A few hours later, Steve wrote back:

Your [sic] most welcome, James. I’m sorry about your girlfriend. Life is fragile.


Sent from my iPad

Frommer reports, “After reviewing the header information, we believe this email is indeed from Steve. But there’s always the possibility that it’s not.”

More details in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: That incorrect “your” certainly does stick out like a sore thumb. Frommer also mentions it in his full article.


  1. iPad auto-correction doesn’t fix your, since it’s a common word. But Jobs doesn’t have time for correct grammer — it’s amazing he’d take time to respond at all! Anyone get a personal response from Ballmer?

  2. Life is fragile, AND short.

    Too short to fret over spelling errors, especially someone else’s spelling errors.

    If all you can see is the spelling error when you read Steve’s sincere reply, maybe it’s time to close your browser and go live life a little more fully…

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