Proof that those iPhone 4G photos are legit?

“With all those rumors flying around that the iPhone 4G we’d spotted was no more than a Japanese knock-off of an Apple product, it was starting to look like this thing was too good to be true,” Joshua Topolsky reports for Engadget. “That is until one of the Engadget editors spotted what seems to be solid proof that this is — in fact — the next iPhone.”

“If you’ll recall, the night before the iPad was revealed, we had leaked shots of the device from what appeared to be an Apple test lab,” Topolsky reports. “Upon further inspection of these pictures today, the aforementioned editor discovered that the new iPhone 4G we’ve just gotten photos of is actually sitting on the table beside the iPad prototype!”

Full article, with more photos, here.


  1. A “4G” phone would be LTE or WiMax. I doubt we’ll see a 4G-capable iPhone this year — but maybe…Instead, this is more likely to be a faster, 3.5G phone (up to 20Mbps, I think).

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