iPad developer support continues to soar, outgrows that of Android and BlackBerry

Apple Online Store“Flurry regularly monitors new project starts by developers within its system to gauge interest across mobile platforms,” Peter Farago reports for Flurry. “With over 20,000 apps started by developers within Flurry, we believe this provides meaningful insight on the platforms that most excite developers, and where current resources are being deployed.”

“Since Apple introduced the iPad in late January, Flurry noted a significant spike in developer support, indicating early excitement for the promise of the device,” Farago reports. “As April 3 draws near, developers continue to develop for the iPad at a fever pitch. Today Apple added a toggle switch to its online iTunes store that allows consumers to view apps available specifically developed for the iPad. About 2,000 iPad apps were listed upon our initial count.”

“Looking into our system, we break out iPad-specific developer support by new project,” Farago reports. “For reference, we compare this to pre-iPad ratios to demonstrate how much developer interest the Apple iPad is attracting. Specifically, we compare averages taken across 2009 vs. the last 60 days, pulled earlier this week.”

“The first notable difference is that iPad made up 22% of new projects starts within Flurry over the last 60 days. In March, over 3,000 unique applications were created within Flurry. A second point of interest is that Android’s share of new project starts has decreased from 18% to 10%. However, it should not be concluded that Android developer support is on the decline. In fact, the opposite is true, as we count approximately 300 new Android projects in March, which represents a 50% increase over February. Android’s percent has declined because iPhone and iPad growth is increasing at a rate faster than that of Android,” Farago reports. “In short, more developers are building more apps. The total pie is growing significantly, month over month. A final note is that relative support for Blackberry continues to diminish. While not shown in the chart, we calculate 1% share for Blackberry over the last 60 days, down from 4% for the whole of 2009.”

Full article, with chart, here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Occasional Poster” for the heads up.]


  1. The charts put into perceptive. Almost 89% of apps in development will be able to run on the iPad. The fact that Android is increasing, but not as fast as iPhone OS, in number of apps being developed shows just how big, and important the app market is becoming. From almost nothing two years ago.

  2. @Zune Tang®

    How many burp and fart apps do you MAC fangirls need? Are they really going to be that much better on an I-Pad?

    maybe they won’t be as good as on a Zune or whatever BUT IS THAT A BRAGGING POINT? GMAB

  3. oh god,…. it.. is.. alive ~~~ I-Pad Charlie. Calling in from behind idiot lines, fangirls pathetic personal insults and all. Obviously too tired to type much, that right fist must be wiped from all that self-ventriculation. Calling in the tripe from the sidelines, like a coach’s closet-lesbian wife. So, take a hike on the blind side, you’re about done.

  4. You think Zune Tang is an idiot? Read the comments on this blog (#20, #26, #49, #67, #123 “Apple has a one-button mouse” are interesting). It’s a science blog but there’s not much scientific thinking in those comments!

  5. The biggest difference between the Android and iOS platforms, is that the entire Droid open source mindset is that EVERYthing should be free.

    iOS users realize that to get a quality, stable and reliable user experience requires PAYING for it.

    Once the Droidbot developers realize that they won’t make much money from a bunch of tinkering obsessed cheapskates, all but the most dedicated will bail. Those who realize they’ve got to make a living will concentrate their efforts elsewhere.

    I’m not guessing where, exactly. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  6. @Giles
    No I think Zune Tang is a satirist and is humorous (sometimes), the anti-Apple peeps on Pharyngula are fatuous, although I didn’t see a comment from Play Nice.

  7. And yea shall the ignorant and the helpless gnash their teeth and moan and wail, yet time will march on in its merciless way…

    Steve Jobs, I want to thank you for this last, best, great gift to humanity. You have secured your place in history. Thank you for making my life a little and a lot better – you know what I mean.

    Damn… I didn’t think you had it in you, but the day I ordered my 1G ipod, I just knew this day would come. Thanks again Steve.

  8. @dijonaise

    “…Steve Jobs, I want to thank you for this last, best, great gift to humanity.”

    Dijonaise, are you going somewhere or do you really think this is the “last” gift of our Favored Steve?

    I still look forward to an Apple developed full-spectrum media device- the ultimate, easy to use, high-end home entertainment system. And I believe it will cost less than all the current devices.

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