Woz performs magic trick for iPad line sitters; gets iPad 3G model early (with video)

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak stood on the iPad line at Valley Fair Apple Store in San Jose, California and entertained fellow line sitters with a magic trick:

Direct link to video via YouTube here.

Woz also somehow got his hands on an iPad 3G model!

Woz ended his full-time employment with Apple on February 6, 1987, 12 years after creating the company. He still remains an Apple employee (and receives a paycheck) and wants to be an Apple employee “forever.” Woz is an AAPL shareholder. He also maintains connections with Steve Jobs.

MacDailyNews Take: We love Woz even as he envy his ability to get his iPad 3G at least 3 weeks early!

[Attribution: Gizmodo. Via FastMac.]


  1. Woz is a great entertainer… but a really poor magician.

    The only Magic we’ll see is Job’s iPad.

    Argh DAMMM IT….ARGH…….. WHY MUST I BE IN AUSTRALIA????????????



  2. Maybe he’s a good entertainer, but a bad physicist?
    Or a good physicist but a bad magician?
    A good magician but a bad dancer?
    A good dancer but a bad entertainer?

    I don’t know. Maybe the iPad will tell us.

  3. Woz did his “great thing” to kick off the personal computer revolution and he gained a lot of wealth as a result. But he didn’t fit into the corporate world – a nerd out of the garage, so to speak – so he left and charted his own path. Woz has been out of the Apple picture for about 25 years and most people probably have little or no idea what Woz has been doing during that time other than riding Segways, but he is a “founding father” of Apple *Computer* and is always welcome, like an affable uncle or grandfather at a family gathering.

    Long live Woz!

  4. Woz will always be a part of Apple. Before many of us were born, Woz was “entertaining” people at computer user group meetings with his hand wired personal computer on a piece of plywood.

    That little computer hobby helped bring us to this point.

  5. Make that “the multiple millionaire co founder of the company is waitting in line for the much sought after new product just like everyother Joe and being an entertaining goofball to boot!”

  6. When I see Woz (ESPECIALLY doing stuff like this) I think of my old uncle Bob who I only run into at family weddings and 30th anniversaries and junk like that. I expect him to say things like “Did I ever tell you about the time I met Ethel Kennedy at the DMV? Sit down, lemme tell you a story…” And if you DO sit down, you’ll be “uh-huh, uh-huh”-ing for the next hour and a half. I suppose you have no choice but to love the guy.

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