Game Developers Conference devotes entire summit to Apple’s iPhone OS platform

Mac Sale  FREE Shipping“For years, GDC, as it’s known, has hosted two days of ‘summits’ early in the week, before the main keynote address and the bulk of the panels and sessions begin, including the longstanding GDC Mobile, which dealt with just about every issue a developer could want on mobile and handheld devices,” Daniel Terdiman reports for CNET.

“And this year is no exception,” Terdiman reports. “But strikingly absent among those 18 panels are any that deal with game development specifically for the iPhone. And why? Because for the first time, the GDC advisory board decided that Apple’s smartphone is an important enough platform to warrant its own summit.”

Terdiman reports, “As a result, on Tuesday and Wednesday, hundreds–if not thousands–of people will shuffle into the 16 panels and discussions that make up the iPhone Games summit, sessions like ‘How to keep your game on top of the charts;’ ‘Fastest path from concept to Top Paid;’ ‘A big dash of success: how to capture the female iPhone gamer’ and more. There don’t appear to be any talks surrounding games and the iPad, but the release of Apple’s much-anticipated tablet on April 3 is certain to be yet another major step forward for iPhone OS as a game platform.”

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  1. It’s surprising to me that they don’t have a session on the iPad because of the possibilities it opens up. I am very curious to see what the capabilities of the A4 chip are for more demanding games. I would love to see a proof of concept for strategy games like Blizzard’s upcoming Starcraft2. It seems like the multi-touch would lend itself nicely to that genre of game.

  2. @ Scott
    I bet that they would have like to do more with iPad, but it is difficult when the product has yet to be released to the public. Who could speak at this time definitively about getting anything accomplished on the iPad? Not enough to people to host a summit.

  3. @Spark
    You’re probably right, but I would think that discussions about the capabilities of the A4 chip, how the multitouch iPhone design environment has changed with the iPad, and other unique development differences between the iPad and iPhone would be key areas of interest. Probably it will come up in many of the iPhone sessions. I’m just looking forward to seeing some of the first games custom built for the iPad environment.

  4. @ Spark

    No, it’s because of the NDA. iPad SDK (iphone OS 3.2 beta) is still pre-release and consider confidential. They cannot hold a session on it until Apple release it publicly.

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