Who’s going to buy Apple’s iPad?  Millions of people, that’s who

“First of all, let’s get the niche out of the way: I’ll be buying an iPad because the iPhone is just a bit too small to use for blogging (it can be done, just not as well as I would like) and my MacBook Pro is too much to carry around when all I really need is an iPhone with more screen real estate,” SteveJack writes over in our Opinion section.

“So, that’s why I’ll be buying an iPad with 3G (64GB because you can never have enough storage and, hey, it’s a write-off),” SteveJack writes.

SteveJack asks, “Now, who else might be buying an iPad?”

Millions of people, it turns out.

Read more, and add your feedback, in the full article in our Opinion section here.

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