Why I’ll be buying an Apple iPad – along with millions of others

By SteveJack

First of all, let’s get the niche out of the way: I’ll be buying an iPad because the iPhone is just a bit too small to use for blogging (it can be done, just not as well as I would like) and my MacBook Pro is too much to carry around when all I really need is an iPhone with more screen real estate.

So, that’s why I’ll be buying an iPad with 3G and 64GB because you can never have enough storage and, hey, it’s a write-off. (And, no, I don’t love the name. I would have gone with “iTouch” if only to teach a lesson to everyone who’s ever incorrectly referred to an iPod touch by that name. It would have been fun to say, “Go back and revise those 3.27 million articles where you wrongly used ‘iTouch,’ m’kay?” Oh, well, a missed opportunity. Instead, we lucky iPad owners will get to endure feminine napkin comments from jealous anti-Apple ignoramuses and sixth grade boys.) But, as usual, I digress.

Now, who else might be buying an iPad?

• Older people: You see them all the time squinting at their iPhones and iPod touches and/or holding them at arm’s length. That’s sad enough, but they’re also usually the very same people can’t quite seem to master pinching to zoom in and out and/or scrolling. They want to see websites and their email. They’ll want iPads.
• Couch potatoes: Really, not just couch potatoes, but anyone who finds themselves parked in front of much larger TV screens with their iPhone/iPod touch in hand surfing, texting etc. They’ll want iPads for that instead.
• Frequent fliers/commuters: iPad is thin, light, and makes for a better movie watching experience, plus it has an iPod, and a web browser, and your email, and your calendar, and your newspaper, and your novel, and iWork, etc. An iPad is a no-brainer.
• Readers: Books, magazines, newspapers, etc. Look for Kindles to take eBay by storm. Apple will sell iPads to print consumers by the metric ton.
• Gamers: You like playing games on your iPhone and iPod touch? You’re gonna love them on your iPad.
• Navigators: Beyond iPad’s new and improved Maps app, I can’t wait to put my Tom Tom or Magellan app on my iPad and I bet other iPhone/iPod touch navigators can’t either.
• Kids: For movies, TV shows, music, games, etc. in the car and everywhere else, too.
Students: Textbooks, word processing, spreadsheets, and everything else I’ve already mentioned above.

I could go on, but come to think of it, maybe it would be easier to think of somebody who wouldn’t want an iPad?

• Let’s see… Somebody who only runs Photoshop or AutoCAD or Final Cut Pro while on-the-go and who never reads a book, magazine, or newspaper; who never watches movies, TV shows, or listens to music; who never plays a game, not even a casual one while waiting for an oil change; and, who doesn’t surf the Web or use email.

See what I mean? The iPad has a larger target audience than some people might think. And starting at just $499?! Seriously, Apple’s iPad prices are – channelling Jerry Carroll – INSAAANE!!!

And, oh, BTW, Twitterers, the iPad’s bezel isn’t “too wide.” The iPad’s bezel is its handle. It’s where your fingers grip the device without covering the content on the screen, no matter which way you’re holding it. Give Apple some credit; they’re not Microsoft, they think things through.

SteveJack is a long-time Macintosh user, web designer, multimedia producer and a regular contributor to the MacDailyNews Opinion section.


  1. I will buy one, but the system requirement of 10.5.8 will turn off my dad. He is one of those mac users who think they should be able to have a machine run for 5+ years and not have to upgrade anything.

  2. I think everybody is missing the point. the ipad is the perfect device between a laptop and iphone. well thought out as usual by steve and aaple. i’ll buy the 499 wifi first to use around the house. leave it on the coffee table to grab anytime a family member wants it. pick it up with my coffee in the morning check the calender, read some news, control my appletv, sync all my apps, browse some photo’s and use it as a book reader instead of flopping open the laptop. iwork is gonna be awesome. you know apple, before you know it they’ll make deals with tv co.’s and have a subscription model before the end of the year. they’ll incorporate a camera and ichat in the future. A lot of people think Steve is a genius, I know he doesn’t think that from personal experience but he does have good taste and knows what he wants and has the co. to pull it off. he said this is the beginning of a strong product year and I agree.

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