Apple preps second software fix for flickering 27-inch iMacs

New Parallels Desktop 5 for Mac. $15 discount!“Soon after Apple delayed shipments of its big screen 27-inch iMac, various users have begun to report from AppleCare technicians that a second fix for screen flickering affecting the hardware is due within 3 weeks,” AppleInsider reports.

“In a thread on the Apple Discussions forums that spans nearly 250 pages, users have begun to report conversations with AppleCare representatives who claim a new update is forthcoming,” AppleInsider reports. “A month ago, Apple released a software fix for the flickering issue on the 27-inch iMac, but since then users have said it did not address the problem.”

AppleInsider reports, “One user, Dennis Murphy, said he was told that AppleCare technicians were issued a bulletin on Saturday that stated a fix would be released in about three weeks. The Apple employee was allegedly instructed to collect customer contact information so they can be reached when the fix is released.”

“When contacted by AppleInsider [on] Monday, an Apple representative said the three-week delay was not related to any hardware issues,” AppleInsider reports. “Instead, they said the company has had trouble meeting up with demand for the new system, as some components are in limited availability.”

More info in the full article here.


  1. I got my 27″ from the 47 week (W89470SM5RU) batch, I suppose a lot of people miss the quick flickers. I usually see a 1/4 sec flicker every now and then (after heavy flash usage), I’m pretty positive about it being only a software issue as a reboot fixes it.

  2. @Worse and Worse
    Re: “This is very un-Apple like and becoming (or, is it already) the most embarrassing problem for the company that promises that their stuff “just works”?”

    Apple, like every other major vendor of electronic devices, has had more than one “embarrassing moment.” In Apple’s case, most of these moments are blown far out of proportion because everyone seems to expect Apple to be perfect. Many of the Apple moments were the result of supplier issues – displays, graphics cards, optical drives, batteries, etc. However, some were clearly the result of error or oversight on Apple’s part. And, sometimes, Apple seemed to stonewall for quite some time before stepping up and admitting that they were responsible and taking reasonable action to make things “right” with Mac users.

    If I had purchased a 27″ iMac with this problem, then I would be unhappy. However, at this point, I would not classify the 27″ iMac display issue as Apple’s “most embarrassing problem” ever. Assuming that Apple fixes the problem in another few weeks and makes good on repairing/replacing affected iMacs, then it will fade away very quickly.

    I would encourage Apple to promote transparency in these matters as much as possible. There is nothing more frustrating to a consumer than being stuck with a defective product and riding the “customer service” merry-go-round.

  3. I have a 27″ i7 received mid Nov’09 with absolutely none of the problems reported. I also have a 27″ C2D received mid Dec also without problem.

    So not everybody is unlucky. Obviously the people with problem machines are talking much more loudly about it.

  4. This is far from a bullshit story, having been affected by it personally. Apple’s PR response has been woefully inadequate, that’s for sure.

    Btw nobody said the fix was software. There’d be no need to collect customer info just for something they can push out over Software Update. At the very least it will be a cable or some other faulty hardware part.

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