Who will help Steve Jobs unveil Apple’s tablet next week?

“Now that Apple’s tablet debut date is officially, officially confirmed [January 27 at 10am Pacific]… we can move on to the next round of speculation,” Peter Kafka reports for AllThingsD. “For instance, which media partners will Steve Jobs be working with when this thing launches?”

Kafka reports, “Very few media companies seem to have any kind of real information about the device. And only a small number will have new stuff to show off at next week’s unveiling.”

Here’s a starter list of likely and unlikely suspects:
• The New York Times is a good bet
• Don’t expect much from the big music labels [on stage, as] Apple already has the labels on board with the “iTunes LP” format
• Do expect to hear about “enhanced e-books”
• Video? Duh. But who? The most obvious suspect here for an initial launch would be Disney and its affiliates

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  1. Why not the Wall Street Journal? They’ll go down as the pioneers of the paid content model with which the New York Times is only now coming to grips. They beat everyone to the punch and would obviously be interested in a unique opportunity like the iSlate, something I suspect will largely be focused on making money off print.

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