Google postpones China launch of Android handsets over cyber attack/censorship fight

“Google says it has postponed the launch of two Android based mobile phones in China following a dispute with the government over censorship,” BBC News reports.

“The announcement came as the Chinese government said Google and other foreign firms must obey the country’s laws and traditions,” The Beeb reports. “Google said last week that it had been targeted in a sophisticated cyber attack thought to originate in China.”

“The attacks were thought to target the e-mail accounts of human rights activists,” The Beeb reports. “As a result, the company said that it would no longer censor search engine results in China even if it meant it had to shut down operations in the country.”

The Beeb reports, “Google had planned to launch two handsets running its Android operating system in cooperation Samsung and Motorola. ‘The launch we have been working on with China Unicom has been postponed,’ said a Google spokesperson.”

“Microsoft admitted that its Internet Explorer browser was a weak link in the recent attacks on Google’s systems,” The Beeb reports. “As a result, the governments of France and Germany have warned their citizens to switch to a new browser.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Google ought to first postpone payment to their idiot employee who decided to have employees use Microsoft’s Internet Explorer online.

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