Analyst: Apple may dump Google off iPhone for Microsoft’s Bing

“Some analysts believe the Apple-Google battle is likely to get much rougher in the months ahead,” Peter Burrows reports for BusinessWeek. “Jonathan Yarmis, research fellow with the consulting firm Ovum, thinks Apple may soon decide to dump Google as the default search engine on its devices, primarily to cut Google off from mobile data that could be used to improve its advertising and Android technology. Jobs might cut a deal with—gasp!—Microsoft to make Bing Apple’s engine of choice, or even launch its own search engine, says Yarmis. ‘I fully expect [Apple] to do something in search,’ he adds. ‘If there’s all these advertising dollars to be won, why would it want Google on its iPhones?'”

Burrows reports, “‘This rivalry is going to accelerate innovation,’ says Andreas Bechtolsheim, a co-founder of Sun Microsystems and an early investor in Google. ‘Apple goes pretty fast, but having someone chasing you always makes you go faster. This is going to be good for consumers.'”

“Still, in a battle over the future of computing, friendship will almost surely be a casualty of progress,” Burrows reports. “‘You can just feel the tension rising,’ says Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster. ‘Until the Nexus One, the competition was at arm’s length. But the iPhone is Apple’s darling. Now it’s personal.'”

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MacDailyNews Note: Currently, iPhone and iPod touch users have a choice of built-in search engines within Mobile Safari: Google or Yahoo (Settings>Safari>Search Engine) with Google being “on” by default on new Apple devices.

In addition, there are many Web Search apps available for iPhone and iPod touch. See them all via Apple’s iTunes App Store here.

Mac Safari users can easily install a plug-in such as the free Glims, to add multiple search engine choices to Safari.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. Let’s say Apple does dump Google. And they do not have a search engine of thier own. Why would they run bing? Let’s face it most of us went to Apple because they were so disapointed with everything Microsoft made. I find it hard to believe that Steve Jobs would risk market share Just to slow down Google. I think we would see a Apple, Yahoo partnership, before we see Bing as the search engine of choice.

  2. Android is, as yet, no real threat to Apple or the iPhone. Android is a threat mainly to Micro$oft, Symbian, Palm and RIM. Android will remain a non-threat for quite some time to come.

    There’s plenty of room out there for both the iPhone and Android phones and people will soon see that buying an Android phone which is obsolete a few months after buying it, can only be updated a few times (if at all) via software and can only use 192 MB of RAM for apps simply can’t hold a candle to the iPhone (unless they HAVE to be on T-mobile, of course ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />.

    Now, whether Apple wants to get into search is another (and completely independent) question. I would bet against this- they have their hands full as it is with the tablet coming out. Until Apple can get out of the <10% computer market share, Google is (still) a good strategic ally.

  3. I tried the Bing app but soon deleted it as a hopeless cause. Google is ok but in a general search it throws up far more possibilites than necessary so I much prefer Yahoo. It gives me the best answers to my question without going all round the houses like google is prone to do.

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