And so it begins: Google discounts ‘Nexus One’ by $100

Apple Online Store “Yesterday we reported that Google’s long awaited own-brand phone, the Google Nexus One, hadn’t enjoyed the best start in life, having only sold 20,000 units in its first week in the US,” Adam Bunker reports for T3.

The Nexus One “has just had its price slashed,” Bunker reports.

“Up until today, anyone in the US who’d wanted to upgrade to the Nexus One on T-Mobile had to pay out $379,” Bunker reports. “With the price cut in effect, this figure stands at $279… Not only that, but anyone who’s already upgraded receive a $100 refund.”

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  1. Just got out the gate and already a price drop to move units because its NOT SELLING as they had hope for. Even the BS story about Woz making it his favorite is all fabricated BS! ahahaha

  2. The iPhone’s price cut was two months after it went on sale, not two WEEKS. That’s just bad. And Apple’s cut wasn’t due to poor sales, it was due to revised deals with carriers where they paid partial subsidies.

  3. You know they are all shaking in their boots waiting for Apple’s next iPhone. With those kind of sales the R&D;costs become prohibitive. They can only hope to produce poor copies of the iPhone. If, no, when Apple goes to multiple carriers it will only get worse for their competitors.

  4. Also remember that iPhone was $499 (4GB) and $599 (8 GB) WITH two-year contract…and sold one million units in a little over two months. The fact that Nexus One started at a lower price point, and only sold 20,000 out of the gate is nothing less than pathetic.

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