RUMOR: No camera in Apple tablet

January Clearance Apple Blowout“I’m hearing there is no camera, webcam or otherwise, on The Tablet,” John Gruber reports for Daring Fireball.

Full article here.

As Electronista reports, Gruber’s “sources have historically been accurate.”

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. No camera, that seems odd. I mean, most of travel would require a camera as a way to input images into applications for use. An example is a receipt of purchase.

    I guess we will know if we get a tablet/slate computer or just rumors, but the camera is a mute point if no such device is going to be produced.

    I believe it is a strong possiblity, but let us see what happens.

  2. Why would Apple not put an iSight on the iSlate? Apple could take the video conferencing market and make it theirs by offering a Windows iChat software. It worked with iTunes and it will work with iChat too.

  3. Hmm…imagine how useful a tablet would be with a camera on the back…say for grabbing images of barcodes and other OCR type material that would be useful for verifying information in, say, a hospital. All sorts of inventory and data-type environments.

  4. Makes sense … I guess. Is this an iPhone (not “good”) or a computer (“good”)? Oh, wait! My MacBook (and my wife’s iMac) has a camera.
    How can you teleconference without a “tele”? Audio conference? Sure. Lower maintenance, for sure. Good enough? Hmm.
    And what about those doctors wanting to use it to share patient info for remote diagnostics? Again, not so “good”.
    Then again … RUMOR ! ! !

  5. yea the camera will come on the second generation, they gotta have a reason to get ppl to buy the new one next year. they famous for that keep something thats common for everyone else off and use some excuse like internet bandwidth wouldnt have been able to handle it on 3G connections and then throw it on the damn thing next year. Kinda like radios on ipods what happened to the oh u dont need it and and blah blah fast forward to today and they are on the nanos. if its not on it on the first gen it will make it onto the second gen

  6. It would make much sense NOT to have one, so I kind of doubt this one. Virtually every Apple product comes with a camera. Only reason I could see would be a supply problem.

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