Apple’s 2010 proxy statement now online

January Clearance Apple BlowoutApple today announced that its 2010 proxy materials are now available on the web under the US Securities and Exchange Commission’s Notice and Access rules and can be found at As a result of the Notice and Access rules, Apple is able to significantly reduce the environmental impact of producing and delivering printed materials.

Apple shareholders may still obtain a hard copy of the proxy materials free of charge by following the instructions provided on or in the Notice of Internet Availability of Proxy Materials that will be mailed to individuals who were Apple shareholders as of December 28, 2009. Apple’s 2009 Form 10-K was filed on October 27, 2009 and may also be viewed at

Source: Apple Inc.


  1. Withhold your votes for Al Gore! Al Gore should be removed from Apple’s Board of Directors!

    He’s blighted it for far too long already.

    An Inconvenient Truth:
    Now that anthropological global warming has been exposed as a sham designed to line certain people’s pockets, most notably Al Gore’s, he should not remain on Apple’s BoD (nor should he have ever been added in the first place).

  2. I wish just once we could have an article that did not bring out politics. For god’s sakes take your hatreds somewhere else. Find a place where veryone will agree with you. No matter if you are left or right. Please already just huddle with you fellow haters.

  3. You again? Well, Cmd+C Cmd+v:


    Errr, NO! Only two or so studies *attempt* to show anthropological global warming as false, among a sea of worried reports made by REAL scientists who are concerned more with our future generations than an extra trillion of dollars or two.

    Besides, global warming is but ONE of the many environmental problems we face; and this time there are no “studies” to attempt to fool people otherwise.”

    Seriously people, do you think that because Al Gore helped bring global warming to the public’s eye, it instantly means that he “invented” all of it?

    You selfish little scum

  4. Gore is to be honored for raising awareness of a problem upon which virtually every actual scientist agrees. However, that is one thing, and the Apple board is something else altogether. From what’s been rumored as having come from other directors, Gore doesn’t bring much to the post.

  5. If you would actually kept up with reports, cooling in North America was one of the expectations of Global Warming. It is the oceans that are warming and causing weather patterns to rapidly change. However there are other more important benefits for getting off our oil dependance. Like producing products and services in the U.S. instead of sending our money to other countries. Especially ones that support extreme Islamic militants or communist. At any rate Al Gore did see the importance of the internet and got the government to invest in it. He did not invent the internet, however he did help it to become what it is we are using now.

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