RUMOR: Apple to launch 4G iPhone in May

Christmas PD5FM $10 discount“Citing mobile operators, the French-language Magazine Challenges is reporting that the next-gen iPhone will launch in May, which would mark a deviation from Apple’s pattern of introducing a new iPhone model in late June/early July,” Edible Apple reports.

“If history is any barometer, you can bet that Apple will once again raise the bar whenever it happens to release the 4th gen iPhone,” Edible Apple reports. “Naturally, the Apple Tablet is poised to take the world by storm in just a few weeks, and as a result, news regarding the next-gen iPhone has been uncharacteristically slow to trickle in. Still, there are some clues about what features Apple has been working to implement.”

Edible Apple reports, “One thing we can expect to see is a 5 megapixel camera with LED flash. Also, reports from this past November suggest that Apple is toying with the idea of putting an RFID reader (Radio-Frequency Identification) into the next iteration of the iPhone.”

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  1. And PLEASE put in a front facing camera for video conferencing. It may be that AT& T’s network can’t handle that, but the rest of the world is using this daily with no problems…

  2. Why bother with 4G Apple? None of the carriers will have a network in place to deal with 4G, and if they do it will be in 3 cities at best by the end of 2010 or 11.

    Camera with flash…err whatever.. Flash or not night shots look bad on any camera phone.

    FM receiver? People still listen to radio? lol

  3. @JD


    – 4G is referring to “4th generation” iPhone
    – Camera “with flash” might still produce a shitty shot but better than “no shot” agreed?
    – RFID reader is NOT referring to FM radio but to frequencies used by television remotes

  4. This is the French in France we’re talking about here. In hindsight, they even got the Maginot line ass-backwards.

    This is obviously the iSlate/iTablet they are talking about.

  5. A close friend who is an executive at Verizon, just last night he told me don’t be surprised if I see a new iPhone at Verizon in this Spring. I argued him down that THAT was very unlikely because Apple ALWAYS introduces the iPhone in around June. Now I’m sitting here with foot-in-mouth after reading all the articles about an April/May release.

  6. Sweden is the first country to have a commercial 4G network. It was launched last year. Judging from experience of the passed, it would make mo sence what so ever to have a 4G capable iPhone released before 2012. Which sucks for me as I am Swedish and would have use of it sooner…

  7. @Big Al

    OK, so you laugh at the French because they put up the defenses on the German border, never imagining that the Germans could move fast enough to invade Belgium first and come in the back door. They laugh at us because we invaded the country where Al Qaeda weren’t, while letting Bin Laden disappear into hiding for the best part of a decade…

  8. JD: “FM receiver? People still listen to radio? lol”

    Some people still have the communication skills to hear and understand actual news of the world. Sometimes, that’s even found on AM radio! AM? Remember that? I much prefer to have AM capability than FM. AM’s signal reach far exceeds FM and when you’re driving cross country, AM’s often the best option. If you just want your music, clearly you already know where to get it.

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