Google to host Android press event on January 5

Year-End Clearance & Tax Saving Sale “Google will host an Android press gathering at its global HQ on Jan. 5. Presumably, the event will have something to do with the company’s Nexus One, an Android phone that Google plans to sell on its own Web site and perhaps through T-Mobile as well,” John Paczkowski reports for AllThingsD.

“By scheduling the event just two days before the start of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the company would seem to be taking a page from the Steve Jobs’s playbook–sucking some air out of the annual event. Remember, Apple upstaged CES in a very big way back in 2007 when it announced the iPhone,” Paczkowski reports. “It appears that Google is attempting something similar here.”

Full article, with a copy of the media invite, here.

MacDailyNews Take: Yawnfest.


  1. @ spark

    I agree. What would really piss me off is if Google secretly has been working on a tablet that would in any way steal ideas from Apple’s rumored product.

    It happened once with Microsoft back 30 years ago. I’d hate to see it happen again in 2010.

  2. Apple: “We’d like to announce a smartphone that not only
    sets a new standard for mobile devices, but also revolutionizes the carrier and software development models.”
    /thunderous applause
    Google: “We’d like to announce a device that runs the same OS that exists on several other phones already hosted by several other carriers”

  3. U peeps seem to forget that apple put iTunes software on motorla phone before coming Coming out with the iPhone… Google jus dooin it on a bigger scale google htc = damn good phone go play with htc hero at a sprint store… I believe nexus google branded phone will b even better… Google has deep pockets and inovative t honking just like apple

  4. Google is the new Microsoft.
    Except at least Microsoft found ways of monetizing the ideas they copied. Google hasn’t made a real, viable business out of anything but search.

  5. Clearly, Google wants to get some sort of jump on Apple by a few weeks. They realize that once Apple makes their announcement no one will be talking about anything else, and if they wait until a few weeks after, it’ll be even more anti-climactic.

    It would appear that Google is delusional – that it thinks it can maybe, somehow, sort of one-up Apple at some point. But they haven’t a prayer. They smell very much like they suffer from the same strain of MS “me too” disease.

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