China Unicom hits 300,000 iPhones sold milestone; 200,000 iPhones sold in under 20 days

Year-End Clearance & Tax Saving Sale “Today we’ve learned that China Unicom has now passed the 300,000 iPhone sales threshold,” Dan Butterfield reports for iPhonAsia.

“This triples the 100,000 sales milestone reported on December 9,” Butterfield reports.

“It took 40 days to reach 100,000 iPhone sales, and less than 20 days later iPhones sales in China have now hit the 300,000 mark,” Butterfield reports.

Full article here.


  1. 300000? No wonder. I walked around to check out dozen or so real estate agents in Shanghai today, saw three new iPhones on them. I just don’t get it, no WiFi but they still buy them. I thought they just use them as phones, but they were showing lot of pictures and video, had games and stuff, and those were the real Unicom iPhones.

  2. Huge numbers of Droid purchasers have had to exchange their Droids due to defects, and a surprising number exchanged them twice!

    Are those numbers included in the Droid sales figures?

    If so you can reduce Droid sales to half the quoted number.

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