Microsoft releases Bing app for iPhone and iPod touch

Apple Online StoreMicrosoft has released their free Bing App for iPhone and iPod touch.

Make decisions and get where you need to go with Bing. See the Bing daily image and related trivia on the home screen. Search maps or the web with our voice – even say an address. Use Image Search and flick through previews Download Bing today to find stuff nearby and get there fast.

MacDailyNews Note: The missing “y” and period in Microsoft’s Bing description above is brought to you by Microsoft’s legendary attention-to-detail.

More info, screenshots, and download link via Apple’s iTunes App Store here.

MacDailyNews Take: Mediocresoft might have forgotten a letter here and a bit of punctuation there, but it looks like they remembered to astroturf the so-called “Customer Reviews” for the app’s debut (a little carpet-bombing to soften up the target, you know) on Apple’s App Store. Apple, fix your “Customer Reviews” concept – it’s broken, useless, and a waste of space.


  1. Balmer, you guys can’t pass the ball so if you want to stop going 3 and out you better try a play that you can atleast gain some yardage. I think you call the play (Office). Then again, Apple could pull out the smart balm….iWork for the iPhone.

  2. What is obvious here is that even at Microsoft, there is someone with half a functioning brain. Their Bing! isn’t making much headway. They really want desperately to enlarge that footprint. I can see an MS brainstorming session: “How do we expand Bing?” Well, if by far the largest group of mobile users who use mobile search are iPhone owners, developing an iPhone app could presumably stick a foot in that mobile door for Bing. In other words, this absolutely can’t hurt, and you have to remember, not all iPhone users are Mac users, and many of them are clueless Windows drones who don’t mind Bing.

    After all, Microsoft is the single largest developer of Mac OS applications outside Apple…

  3. Mac user since 1987.

    Loaded Bing about two months ago just to see.

    It is now my primary search engine. The search results seem more focused, and the firswt page isn’t dominated by other search services or auction sites.

    I also use Bing Maps because its cleaner than Google and/or MapQuest.

    I’ll be downloading the iPhone app. Oh, by the way, on CNBC this morning, they reported that Bing is gaining market share. Looks like users have a differing opinion than the flame boys here do. You might try something before you put it down. Isn’t that what we used to say to negative Mac reviews?

  4. Proving once again that MSFT software works better on a Mac than on their own POS. Hopefully working on the iPhone SDK give those MS developers some good lessons on software and application design. Or better yet, make them switch to Mac devs down the road.

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