China Unicom: Over 100,000 iPhones sold in China in first 40 days

Great Offers at MacWarehouse“China Unicom has sold more than 100,000 iPhones since it launched the country’s first official sales of the handset at the end of October, it said Thursday,” Owen Fletcher reports for IDG News Service.

China Unicom gave no other details on its iPhone sales but called the handset a “great success.” The carrier is selling both the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS, but its versions have Wi-Fi removed to comply with local regulations. That has harmed their appeal compared to iPhones brought into the country from abroad and sold at electronics bazaars,” Fletcher reports. “Those phones, sold unlocked and with Wi-Fi, also come at a lower price than the official iPhone in China.”

Fletcher reports, “Many wealthy urbanites in China owned iPhones before the phone officially launched there. Ovum, a consultancy, estimated months ago that there were already 1 million iPhones in China.”

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  1. Do you consider 100,00 pitiful? Like most companies China Unicom knows it can’t afford not to be involved with the iPhone even if were selling pitifully at the moment, because that would be due to market restrictions as they exist at present muffling its capabilities. It is sensible enough to know that that situation is going to change and that to not be onboard when it does would make it as stupid as so many others around the World who refuse to accept the impact of the device, use any slight negative imagined or real to damn it as a whole and stick to inferior technology or ideology when it is plain the future is the place to be before the opposition. I can assure you the Chinese string pullers are a lot brighter than that delusional state of mind, they simply like to exercise as much control as they can over it before letting it off the leash. That is the transitional state we are in at present.

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