Apple spent $3 million on Lala, not $80 million

Hammacher Homepage 300x250“$80 million for LaLa? That isn’t what we’re hearing,” Michael Arrington reports for TechCrunch.

“LaLa was purchased for $17 million by Apple, according to our sources with indirect knowledge of the deal,” Arrington reports. “And the company supposedly had $14 million in cash in the bank, meaning the actual purchase price was really $3 million.”

Arrington reports, “That’s in line with recent competitive sales like iLike ($20 million) and iMeem ($1 million). LaLa had plenty of cash in the bank, but they were burning $500k/month, say our sources. There’s just no reason Apple would pay $80 million for the company.”

“We also believe that LaLa was acquired mostly for the star engineering team and the awesome recent Google deal more than for the product. iTunes in the cloud isn’t something we should hold our breath for,” Arrington reports. “$3 million for top-of Google music results and a top team of engineers makes a lot of sense.”

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  1. @HMCIV

    No worries, I’m sure there’s a bailout program that can help.

    Disclaimer: this is not a political comment, I’m just poking fun at HMCIV’s accounting skills.

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