Nokia sees flat market share as Apple gains

Hammacher Homepage 300x250Nokia “expects its share of the global handset market to remain flat next year, amid mounting competition from Apple Inc.’s iPhone and lower-end Chinese devices,” Diana ben-Aaron reports for Bloomberg.

“Nokia’s share of the smart-phone market, the industry’s fastest-growing piece, slid to 39.3 percent in the third quarter from 42.3 percent a year earlier, while Apple [17.1%] and BlackBerry-maker Research In Motion [20.8%], gained, according to researcher Gartner Inc.,” ben-Aaron reports.

“The company is releasing new touch-screen phones and improved applications to compete with Apple’s iPhone, which has made the U.S. company the world’s most profitable handset vendor, according to market researcher Strategy Analytics. Nokia lags behind Apple in applications, the new battleground for handset makers,” ben-Aaron reports.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Hey, Nokia’s only 130,000 or so apps behind Apple. Let’s not talk about the operating systems, user interfaces, app store credit card accounts and ease-of-use, third-party accessories, vehicle integration, industrial design…


  1. Snort. And just days ago, Nokia was talking smack about how Apple was doomed to lose to them just like they lost the desktop to Microsoft. A lot of misplaced confidence, those Finns have…


  2. MDN, about 120,000 of those “apps” are pretty much exercises for Programming 101 students. No real value in any of them – for anyone. Which, of course, leaves Apple with 10,000 real gems more than Nokia has. No worries!
    <u>Also</u>, you seem to have neglected noting that the Blackberry also gained market share. If this worried me, I might not have mentioned it. RIM, though, is running scared and trying to copy the iPhone’s style and substance. Not very well, I hear.
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  3. Apple won’t make fun of the competition the way we do. It’s the only way Apple can stay ahead of its competitors, by being constantly paranoid and continuously innovating. Nokia has the financial prowess to create something better than Apple, but it just lacks the will – and Steve Jobs’ perfectionism – to do so!

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