iPresentee offers Christmas gift to all Mac users

MacSpeechiPresentee, the developer of add-ons for Apple’s iWork and iLife applications, is offering a free Christmas Gift collection to be used with Apple’s iWeb, Keynote, Pages and Mail software. Christmas Gift package includes one iWeb Theme with static and flash backgrounds, two Keynote Motion Themes, one Keynote Theme, Keynote 3D Stuff, iWeb Animations and Mail Stationery. All the add-ons are ready to inspire Christmas spirit into frequently used Mac Applications.

All the product included into iPresentee’s Christmas Gift bundle are easy to use and absolutely free. For more experience with add-ons for Apple’s applications, iPresentee offers iWeb Suite and Keynote Show.

Minimum Requirements:
• Macintosh computer running Mac OS X
• Keynote Themes and Keynote Motion Themes requires iWork 08 or iWork 09
• iWeb Themes requires iLife 08 or iLife 09
• Keynote 3D Stuff requires any version of Keynote, iWeb or Pages
• iWeb Animations requires any version of iWeb
• Mail Stationery requires any Macintosh computer running Mac OS X 10.5 or later with bundled Mail application
• 100 MB Hard Drive space

Christmas Gift bundle is offered free of charge. Samples and more information about Christmas Gift bundle are available at the iPresentee website here.


  1. @Jimithy, I’m with Hotinplaya.

    The combination you suggested doesn’t do it for me.

    My main reason for using Entourage is Project Center. I need a replacement for this feature for me to make the shift.

    Anyone got any elegant and simple solution?

  2. Over half a dozen Mail templates, none overtly religious (some Santas, some fir trees, some just “seasonal”), plus some stuff for iWeb and some stuff for Keynote. Nothing for Pages, nor iDVD, nor iMovie. Nor iChat, for that matter.
    Still, the artwork in the Mail templates is fine.
    A Big Thanks to iPresentee for their gift.

  3. TT, while you may, possibly, be an ignorant and uninformed bedrock Christian, I am not. I fully understand that the Christmas “holiday” began as a re-purposed Pagan holiday. The “Catholics” – the only Christians there WERE at the time – wanted to ease the new converts in so they took their holiday as well. Most of what we think of as “traditional” Christmas decorative fare was stolen in later years from different pagans.
    There is little “true” in the holiday, little to be “ruined”.
    Besides which, most of those who shout most proudly of their “Christian beliefs” are prime examples of what sent Christ into his tirade about the “Pharisees in the temple”. Repugnant blighters, in the very least.

  4. I thought I’d seen this sort of thing before. And I just found out where. I have several Halloween Mail templates they handed out a while back. That work, too, was excellent.
    Note: Three surprises in the iWeb templates. In addition to the stock Welcome, About Me, Photos, My Albums, Movie, Blog, Podcast and Blank forms, these also contain a My Hobbies and a News form. Also, the two provided templates look identical – until you use them. One is animated. Both are gorgeous!

  5. @Not Overtly Religious…AKA “too scared to use my real initials”

    What makes you think I need that well-known lesson in history? Your smugness? Why didn’t you mention that all Western calendars were likely off by 8 years relating to the birth of Christ?

    Do you think the holiday would still be celebrated if it weren’t for the Christians using it to celebrate the birth of their savior? NO, it is the reason America has celebrated it since her founding, Mr. “I know all the fucking history of the world”.

    And as far as your disdain for Christians, go to Hell.

    Oh, BTW, I only go to church for weddings and funerals, so shove that info up your ass. Just because I have respect for people of all faiths and those who have none doesn’t mean I lie to myself about what holidays are for.

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