iPresentee offers Christmas gift to all Mac users

MacSpeechiPresentee, the developer of add-ons for Apple’s iWork and iLife applications, is offering a free Christmas Gift collection to be used with Apple’s iWeb, Keynote, Pages and Mail software. Christmas Gift package includes one iWeb Theme with static and flash backgrounds, two Keynote Motion Themes, one Keynote Theme, Keynote 3D Stuff, iWeb Animations and Mail Stationery. All the add-ons are ready to inspire Christmas spirit into frequently used Mac Applications.

All the product included into iPresentee’s Christmas Gift bundle are easy to use and absolutely free. For more experience with add-ons for Apple’s applications, iPresentee offers iWeb Suite and Keynote Show.

Minimum Requirements:
• Macintosh computer running Mac OS X
• Keynote Themes and Keynote Motion Themes requires iWork 08 or iWork 09
• iWeb Themes requires iLife 08 or iLife 09
• Keynote 3D Stuff requires any version of Keynote, iWeb or Pages
• iWeb Animations requires any version of iWeb
• Mail Stationery requires any Macintosh computer running Mac OS X 10.5 or later with bundled Mail application
• 100 MB Hard Drive space

Christmas Gift bundle is offered free of charge. Samples and more information about Christmas Gift bundle are available at the iPresentee website here.


  1. You know I would like to go to the site, but I use Safari to read MDN and every time I mouse over a link some fucking popup ad from the scumbags at doubleclick pops up to take me to Staples to try to sell me some hunk of crap from HP.

    I appreciate that advertising can generate funding but those pop ads are the most annoying thing on MDN

  2. @Doc

    Funny I don’t experience any of that using Safari.

    But perhaps it could be because I have selected the option to Block Pop-Up Windows in the Safari menu…

    Just a thought…

  3. Hi Cubert

    I don’t think I have encountered “mouse over pop-ups” at MDN.

    Anyhow, you could also try Readability to strip out all the “Times Square/Piccadilly Circus” style of garish flash blinking-neon lights so as to focus on reading just the article itself.

    Only downside is that the lively discussions (on-topic/off-topic, informative/time-wasting, grammatically & political correct or incorrect, trolling, baiting, stick-poking and all…) also disappear along with the blinking neons…

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