Apple to take iPod touch point-of-sale system commercial?

“Just weeks after rolling out a ground-breaking iPod touch point-of-sale system (POS), Apple may be preparing to commercialize the system and generate some revenue from its creation,” ifoAppleStore reports.

“According to insiders, Apple has been deluged with inquiries about the POS system, which is comprised of a sleek, custom-designed and manufactured shell that surrounds the iPod touch, and also incorporates a barcode scanner and magnetic stripe reader. The hardware links to custom-programmed [Mac OS X] software that streamlines the process of taking cash, credit or debit card payments for merchandise,” ifoAppleStore reports.

“Since the debut of the iPod POS , inquires have been coming from all directions, including from end-user small businesses, larger chains and system integrators,” ifoAppleStore reports. “Now, tipsters say, Apple retail executives have asked the retail store business specialists to collect contact information from anyone who inquires about the iPod touch system, apparently to create a database of potential customers if Apple decides to commercialize the product.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. Do you have to sign and if so where?

    Yes. iPod touch has a large touch screen, and Apple has designed a special stylus that will work with the capacitive screen of iPhone/iPod, so the customer can use the stylus to sign, if signature is required by the store/merchant processor or anyone else.

    Another company has announced similar point-of-sale hardware/software/backend solution ( It is clear that the platform is ripe for the proliferation of POS offerings. I have no doubt, each and every one of them will be far superior to what WinMob/WinCE is offering today, in every way.

  2. Apple would be foolish to keep this little gem to itself. If released to the wider market you’d see it proliferate very quickly into the retail, restaurants, car rental ecosystems very quickly. And Tiger is right. Apple needs a dedicated group to handle this business with proper sales and support staffing.

    This device is the sharp point of the spear. When retail chains deploy hundreds of these units throughout their network, what equipment do you think will provide the backend support? Apple servers and software of course. Jump on this, Apple!

  3. Yes, combine Filemaker, Apple iPod touch and the Mac mini server into a complete POS system.

    Absolutely. If Apple (or their point-of-sale subsidiary) could put bundles like that together that for a few thousand bucks, and combine it with great service and support, it could be huge for upstarts and small businesses.

  4. I have never purchased anything from an Apple Retail store until recently. I bought Snow Leopard at the Albuquerque store and they had these slick devices there. It was kind of impressive. I could see how lots of other retailers would be interested in something like this.

  5. Interesting: the form factor looks a great deal like the Mophie Juicepack air. Bigger, obviously, but the same two-piece shell, and included battery, with charge indicator on the back. Looks like Apple is borrowing a few ideas there–at least they chose a good company from which to borrow!

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