Google wants to stream TV for a fee via YouTube

Apple Online Store“Google’s video site has been trying to convince the TV industry to let it stream individual shows for a fee, multiple sources tell me,” Peter Kafka reports for AllThingsD.

“YouTube already lets users watch a smattering of TV shows for free, with advertising. Now it envisions something similar to what Apple and Amazon already offer: First-run shows, without commercials, for $1.99 an episode, available the day after they air on broadcast or cable,” Kafka reports. “The biggest stumbling block may be consumers. That’s because Google is talking about streaming the shows, instead of letting consumers download them to their computers, as both Apple and Amazon do.”

MacDailyNews Note: Both Apple and Amazon also already stream content via rentals.

Kafka continues, “Executives at YouTube and TV insist that the disparity is simply a perception problem, and cite studies that show that most people who download TV episodes only watch them once, anyway. But that’s a tough sell.”

Kafka notes, “In addition to its a la carte offering, Apple is [reportedly] trying to create a monthly subscription service.”

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  1. Ew! Why does Google keep trying to be a wannabe? All those highly paid brains supplied with free food and luxurious offices seem unable to come with a new path for Google to plough, this leads me and several other people to conclude that in trying to stop M$ from becoming the monster in the room, Google have borrowed the M$ book let alone a page from it in order to try to do so, as a result, Google are buying, copying & annexing other peoples intellectual property (See Newscorp & Roughly Drafted Magazine) in a bid to declare “Mission accomplished!”.

    Wake up Google!! you are not winning yourself any kudos or favours from the general public, if anything, you are building yourself up into a nice target for us to take potshots at.

  2. If they “Package-up” some major channels, then sell them much like cable companies or Dish/DirectTV does and let us CHOOSE a monthly subscription rate to pay based on OUR selection of channels we want to watch, streamed at ANYTIME we want to watch it….

    Then maybe.

    All I can say is whoever figures out the magic formula for TV via the web will win the war… but trying to fight these “little battles” is going to take some time. Testing the water is the tough part especially when TV execs FEAR THE NET! They know soon, that there will be TV’s made with WiFi/Ethernet inputs.

  3. So, what would you do with a billion dollar server farm in the Carolinas. Maybe stream media and cloud computing? Could that be what is holding up the Mac tablet? Read the tea leaves talking heads. Think, think, think.

    The Droid followed the iPhone. (But it tanked.) Google is just trying to dig in before Steve Jobs and Apple take another market.

  4. I predict that in the next decade Google will squander all of its wealth trying to make money.

    These are the only people I know who panhandles wearing Versaci.

    They’ll blow it big time once they begin to monetize <strike>their</strike> other’s IP. All of their products, for the most part, have been freely accessible and what made their iconic brand so powerful. Steve Jobs would agree, you don’t start out giving it away for free and then suddenly kill off your source of strength by charging for it.

    Google is becoming desperate to prove it’s possible for public libraries to impose subscription fees.

  5. Many tea leaves. But, so little thought. Did Apple not just make the ultra green Mac mini with Snow Leopard Server? And Apple could add a USB TV cable adapter, some software, and awaken the home entertainment hub that Steve spoke about just a few years ago. Every AppleTV, Mac, iPhone, iPod and Mac Tablet in the house would be tied in. But, the Mac mini with Snow Leopard Server has no DVD slot. Ok, it can use every DVD and media source it can reach including that BILLION DOLLAR SERVER FARM YOU ALL CAN’T SEEM TO REMEMBER.

    Does any even know when the server farm will be on line?

  6. All Google has ever been is a Me2 Company. Why would selling TV episodes be any different then what Apple is already doing, only with much lower quality and with a lot less value, You know the Google way!.

    Google is almost as bad as Microsoft and they both have the same goal at their core, Control of the user by controlling the user’s data..

    Open your eyes, Google is Microsoft evil!!

  7. So Google bought YouTube, never made any money from it, and is now building a whole new service with an actual business model behind it.

    So they paid 2 billion dollars for the YouTube brand.

    Unfortunately the brand they bought “stands for” free content in the public’s mind.

    We’ll see if this works any better than Google’s other non-search initiatives.

    I had so much hope for Google, but they just don’t seem to understand basic business principles.

  8. @Jersey

    So, what would you do with a billion dollar server farm in the Carolinas.

    Drop Akamai and Limelight Networks and save a tens-of-millions each year.

    Apple has an exclusive data center in California and the data center in NC is five-times the size, coming in at five-hundred thousand square feet!

    Whatever their plans, the scale of this project is huge, but necessary, in order to fulfill Apple’s ambitious agenda.

    I predict this flagship data center will not only become a model for future data centers, but it could be the first in a chain of peer-to-peer optical networks designed to move large chunks of data at tremendous speeds to any point around the globe.

    Apple is building the foundation for what will become the de facto broadcast solution that will turn the film and television industry on its ear.

    Theater houses beware!

    Instead of bringing people to the movies and gouging them for sugars and grains, Apple will bring the movies to our living rooms.

    As for television, and this is where it gets interesting, these data centers will notify producers and advertisers in real-time, the second you change the channel. For a fee, the content providers will be notified which channel you turned to and like massive schools of silver fish, these clicks will be registered and crunched by the data center to reveal our fickle viewing habits.

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