Apple tops Hulbert Financial’s stock leader board for first time since 1988

Hammacher Homepage 300x250“The stock now at the head of the hit parade of most popular is Apple Inc. (AAPL), at least among the 200 or so tracked by the Hulbert Financial Digest,” Mark Hulbert reports for MarketWatch.

“The last time that this company’s stock was on top of the leader board was more than two decades ago, in April 1988, when it was trading for a split-adjusted price of $10.25 — versus a current price of nearly $200 per share,” Hulbert reports.

“But what should you do if such popularity worries you?” Hulbert asks. “One possibility would be to look at the other stocks that are currently being recommended by the advisers who are also recommending Apple.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “James W.” for the heads up.]


  1. The really significant fact for investors is that in every sector where Apple competes, they are on the rise with huge market share opportunities left to gain. Moreover, in most product class where Apple participates, they are recognized as having the most advanced and desirable devices. I say “most” because Apple TV is still in development.

    The trend lines of investment metrics for AAPL are all in ascendance, while their competition struggles.

    Recently, when addressing a gathering of technology investment analysts, Steve Ballmer had to face a room filled with glowing Apple logos. Ask any teenager or college student which is the best computer, phone, music player, etc. High-tech science labs, CSI labs, audio production studios, photo studios, publications, financial elite, Hollywood production studios, all Mac Mac Mac. This is the future for AAPL stock.

  2. @ m159
    Amen to that. $180B market value and still a less than 10% market niche player in computing and phones. Is it possible that any company could reach a trillion dollar MC value? That is the equiv of 4 or so Microsofts. Put like that, it seems eminently feasible.

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