Palm phones face serious backup failures; users’ contacts and calendars wiped out

48 Hour Apple Sale“Owners of Palm’s newer phones have encountered a flaw in its online backup system that has wiped out contacts and calendars. A portion of users note that backups sent to Palm’s Profile cloud service from a Pre (and now Pixi) are being corrupted and blank out any synchronized data when the phone has to be reset or restored. Those without a local backup… have no choice but to recreate the data from scratch,” Electonista reports.

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PreCentral reports, “If you haven’t experienced this issue you’re in the lucky majority, but it seems the rate of the backup failures is accelerating and spreading. We do feel your pain – one of our own staff members was hit by this bug and lost all of his contacts, calendar events, memos, and tasks. The only thing that was saved were his apps, which is a small consolation when you’ve just lost hundreds of phone numbers and email addresses accumulated over the years.”

PreCentral reports, “This has been a problem since almost day one of life with webOS, but it seems to have become more widespread over the past few weeks. At present, with no resolution in sight we cannot in good conscience recommend that you trust your data to Palm’s servers. While we have little choice with tasks and memos (unless you want to pay to sync them through desktop clients like The Missing Sync), your contacts and calendar data should be kept in the cloud with Google or Yahoo.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Now, everything’s copacetic for Pre sufferers: Along with the glaring lack of an accessories market, they now lack contacts, calendar events, memos, and tasks, which goes along nicely with their terminal case of App-Lack™. Palm’s webOS: The platform of lack. Really, Palm sufferers, what did you expect from such a rinky-dink outfit?


  1. One should never blindly trust their data to a “cloud” or whatever. Users need to have their own backups locally, and even multiple backups, and have generations of them.

    This is one thing I love about .mac and backup. I have backup do a daily archive to my .mac account and my backup drive. It has saved my bacon many times.

  2. Yikes – I’m much more comfortable with the way my iPhone synchronizes to my Mac, which is backed up by Time Machine. I’m still trying to decide if it’s worth getting MobileMe, but you have to be impressed with the number of fairly seamless sync options we have via Mac and iPhone, which allow us to have more control over this kind of data.

  3. @ Saldin–

    I believe they were offered a $100 rebate, but I’m not sure if that meant they had to purchase a new device or start a new contract.

    I do believe they eventually got their data back.

  4. Almost as bad in the other direction is my multiplying Contacts and Calendar events issue. I sync using Mobile Me and Plaxo my info to 4 Macs and my iPhone. And I have some contacts that appear a dozen times or more. Same for calendar events, worse iCal is unusable with 2800 undeletable events. I’ve de-duped the contacts and deleted the calendar events multiple times and they all magically re-appear. Arrggh!

  5. Best comment from a disgruntled user:

    That’s bizarre I must have fallen into the “small number of customers” who had their contacts wiped after I fell into the other small number of customers who got their Pre replaced after the touchscreen failed after I fell into the other small number of customers who got their Pre replaced because the touch on their new refurb didn’t work after I fell into the small number of customers who got their Pre replaced because the phone was stuck in headphone mode after I fell into the small number of customers who bought a Pre…

    Submitted by Tcub on Fri, 11/20/2009 – 21:13.

  6. @Tommy Boy:
    go to There is a special service for MobileMe users where you can chat with an Apple tech support person, who will walk you through re-synchronizing all your devices. I did the same and it has been great not to have to manually delete all the duplicate data.

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