IT Pro reviews Parallels Desktop 5 for Mac

Run Windows on Mac OS X with no reboot!“Parallels Desktop 5 is the latest version of the virtualisation program that enables you to run other operating systems and their applications on a Mac alongside [Mac OS X],” Alan Lu reports for IT Pro.

“Version 4 included only rudimentary support for Windows 7, but this has been greatly improved upon in version 5. Simple tasks that worked only with older versions of Windows, or only worked intermittently in version 4, such as adding a printer, now work flawlessly,” Lu reports.

“In our tests we found that the Windows user interface felt snappier and more responsive under version 5 than it did in version 4… Parallels 5 now runs in 64-bit mode under Snow Leopard, so it can take advantage of more than 4GB of RAM,” Lu reports. “Parallels 5 is a significant upgrade over previous versions. If you frequently use other operating systems on your Mac, then the new features and improvement makes it a worthwhile purchase.”

Full review here.


  1. Another one-sided “review” of virtualization software, this time Parallels with no mention of VMWare Fusion. At least the verdict does mention that VirtualBox is an alternative, although nothing is said about it other than “less sophisticated.”

    A review without genuine comparison doesn’t deserve the name.

  2. Unfortunately, I still need to test my web work in the five different browsers on the Windose side. I’ve switched to VirtualBox, however, since Parallels blocked the use of my WiFi enabled printer. Don’t need much sophistication to run a web browser. Suits me fine.

  3. Funny thing, this supposed “Win7” clamor. We’ve a number of clients (totally roughly 11,000 Mac), and there’s not a single soul saying they need it.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m one of the few thinking Parallels early lead gave them the advantage… But their ads “You Need Windows 7” is beyond the pale.

    Yo! Dimwitted marketers?


  4. If you think the $50 upgrade price is far too much for this product, please sign the petition linked below. Also, please spread the word! Parallels may consider lowering the upgrade price if they see people aren’t willing to pay $50 each time there’s a new release. Hopefully they’ll also find a way to credit everyone who have already upgraded. It may also show them that we’re thinking of switching to their competitor(s) who offer better pricing for upgrades.

    Thank you.

  5. @ Paul Johnson who mumbled and grumbled “Another one-sided ‘review’ of virtualization software, this time Parallels with no mention of VMWare Fusion.”

    It was a review of Parallels, not a comparison of other available products.

    The review is entitled “Parallels Desktop 5.0 review”, it is not entitled “Virtualization Software Review”

    I would never buy VMWare Fusions, they entice customers with gimmicky discounts of products they are replacing a few days later with newer version. They ensure the discounted version is not eligible for the upgrade.

  6. I’ve been trying out Parallels 5 and its performance with some 3D games has been incredible. I decided to try out Fusion 3 today, and the same games performed abysmally, which quite frankly shocked me considering how long VMWare has been around at at this sort of thing.

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