SEGA announces ‘Super Monkey Ball 2’ for Apple iPhone, iPod touch (with video)

“SEGA has announced that they will be releasing Super Monkey Ball 2 in time for the holidays and we were able to have some hands on time with the game. The original Super Monkey Ball was one of the launch titles for the App Store back in July 2008 and was an enormous commercial success. It also managed to single-handedly set the price ceiling for App Store games at $9.99 which carries through to today,” Touch Arcade reports.

“The sequel to the game Super Monkey Ball 2 takes the original and offers new levels, local Wi-Fi multiplayer, improved graphics and, notably, improved controls,” Touch Arcade reports. “Super Monkey Ball 2 also begins to add in mini-games that have been popular in the franchise. The first mini game to ship with it will be Monkey Bowling, while Monkey Golf and Monkey Target will be added as free updates in 2010. Overall, the graphics also seem notably improved compared to the original. After a brief amount of time with the game, I was able to shoot this video embedded below. “

Direct link via YouTube here.

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: One question: What took so long?!


  1. The first one was awesome.. And there were nothing wrong with the controls either, it just took practice..

    Most people couldn’t do it after two minutes of playing and gave it a 1 star review saying the controls sucked. The concept of the game is simple, the challenging part was getting the movement down.. But once you got that skill it was a lot of fun.. I finished all 99 levels..

  2. The first thing I did when the app store launched was download Super Monkey Ball.

    The game is loads of fun when you play it, but I never felt compelled to finish it.

    I’ll check this one out though.

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