PC World’s Ian Paul: ‘The Apple tablet is dead’

MacMall 96 Hour Apple Sale“Apple tablet rumors started verging into the ridiculous Thursday morning with reports that Apple has pushed back the project’s launch date yet again. Those same sources are saying Apple is developing a high-end tablet that could retail for as much as $2000, according to Digitimes,” Ian Paul blogs for PC World.

“Even more preposterous is the news that major magazine publisher, Conde Nast, has decided to develop products for the tablet, according to Peter Kafka over at All Things D. There’s only one snag to the publisher’s plan: the company doesn’t know whether the Apple tablet is real or not,” Paul writes. “These rumors are getting so ridiculous that I think it’s time we accepted the truth: the Apple tablet is dead; in fact it probably never existed.”

Paul writes, “Let’s face it: the Apple tablet is a mirage created by legions of fanboys and tech dreamers. The closer you get to that mirage, the more you realize it’s not going to be there when you arrive. But then, off in the distance, an even brighter and more beautiful tablet is envisioned for a day that will never come. It’s a nice dream, but it’s just not going to happen.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As if our iCal wasn’t full enough.


  1. I’d like to know how an unannounced product can be delayed. I guess the short sellers are at it again–trying to drive the stock down. Notice how these things seem to happen around option expiration week, too, when the stock is it’s most volatile/vulnerable.

  2. No not created by fanboys but Analysts that want to manipulate Apple stock at just the right moment.

    Why, because they know they can spoon feed any tidbit of FALSE info to the press and the press will do no fact checking and just run with their new headline of the hour to plaster all over the Internet just because they can be first with the “breaking news”.

    What a joke.

  3. The rumored release date of the rumored Apple tablet is rumored to be delayed.

    Sigh. Sad state of ‘news’. What makes me angry is that stock market and business analysts base their actions on crap like that.

    No wonder Apple tries to keep product developments as secret as possible.

  4. While I love the mirage metaphor as employed here, I believe I posted a couple weeks ago that whenever we see the press and rumor mill start to downplay the tablet is just when we should actually start looking for it.

  5. @anthony007, exactly! An Apple tablet, which may or may not exist, is not late or delayed… until it’s been announced by the company with a communicated release date.

    I always enjoyed graphic artist Peter Saville’s perspective… responding to band member’s of New Order complaints about time to develop album cover art (band saying it was “late”). Peter asks, “late for what?”

  6. Only in a world of dumbed down standards can an idiot like this get a job as a writer and get paid too.

    We should probably all shoot ourselves in the head and clock out because s history has shown, every prior civilization has wiped itself out and there’s no point waiting for ours to get there – it’s over.

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