MacMall 96 Hour Apple Sale“Sony is taking a page from Apple’s playbook. On Nov. 19, Sony said it plans to launch an online store selling music, movies, and books as well as other downloadable applications for mobile products. Sony’s top executives didn’t specify when the Internet store, tentatively called Sony Online Service, would go live or what it would look like. But the online storefront, announced at a management strategy meeting in Tokyo, is likely to bear some similarities to Apple’s iTunes store and would be Sony’s most ambitious attempt to link its products to its own vast library of digital content,” Kenji Hall reports for BusinessWeek.

MacDailyNews Take: As we stated in the headline, this is not Sony’s first attempt at an iTunes Store knockoff. Howard Stringer gets more free passes and unwarranted do-overs than you-know-who. Stringer is a failure and should be fired. Sony has become a joke.

Hall reports, “Coming up with a software strategy for Sony has been Chairman and CEO Howard Stringer’s mission since taking over in mid-2006… The global recession has pummeled Sony’s businesses and left its earnings in a shambles. With consumers cutting back on electronics, Sony says it’s heading for its second straight loss. This fiscal year through March 2010, Sony predicts an operating loss of $674 million, from last year’s $2.6 billion loss. Sales are expected to slide 6%.”

MacDailyNews Take: Did we mention that Howard Stringer is a failure and should be fired?

Hall reports, “Three years ago, Stringer hired Tim Schaaff, a top lieutenant of Apple CEO Steve Jobs, to lead Sony’s software development efforts.”

MacDailyNews Take: Stringer’s “progress” is measured not by mere clocks or calendars, but on geologic terms: The Alps will become plains before Howie turns around Sony.

Hall reports, “Sony will try to differentiate its service from iTunes. One example: Users will be able to upload videos shot on camcorders, save photos taken with digital cameras, and post other digital content to their personal online accounts.”

MacDailyNews Take: Bzzzt. Wrong answer. Thanks for playing. Enjoy your parting gifts.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. – Albert Einstein

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