Microsoft: You’re not cool; you’re the opposite of cool; stop making your employees dance (w/ vid)

Here’s a video of some Microsoft retail employees in their fake Apple Store in Mission Viejo, California, faking “spontaneity” via, of all things, some rendition of “The Electric Slide” gone horribly wrong and performed, of course, to the wrong song:

Direct link to video via YouTube here.

MacDailyNews Take: Don’t forget your minimum fifteen pieces of flair, you Apple Store rejects.


  1. Well at least there’s plenty of room in the Microsoft store to bust a move. Couldn’t do this in Apple store even if in some alternative universe you wanted to.

  2. They’re auditioning for Biggest Loser episode. Notice how few people are in the store? I would bet most are waiting on repairs and walking around in the meantime, how pathetic. I give this experiment 1-2 yrs iCal it!

  3. Sig Heil!
    There`s something inherently wrong with people dancing around all those MS swastikas. Well maybe if they`re good, they`ll be called to the chancellery to meet the Fuhrer himself.

    Oh I like the guy high tailing it outa there at 1:31

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