Google Earth for iPhone 2.0 released; imports Google Maps content

MacMall 96 Hour Apple Sale“Google has released v2.0 of Google Earth for the iPhone, its portable 3D mapping software. Users navigate a graphic representation of the Earth, on which various places, businesses, photos and Wikipedia articles can be located,” iPodNN reports.

“The second edition is a major update, allowing users to import Google Maps content from the web,” iPodNN reports. “After logging into a Maps account, the app can impose route information on terrain.”

Full article here.

More info and download link for the free app via Apple’s iTunes App Store here.


  1. working fine here Jeff… try resetting your iPhone.

    The pan and tilt features are nice, just put two fingers on the screen and run left and right, or up and down.

    Zoom in from outer space was smooth, no hiccups.

  2. forget Maps, i want that turn by turn navigation app that the droid users get. Yeah, I said it, it’s a nice free app with free updates, that trumps the other navigation apps.

  3. I love Google Earth on my iPod touch!

    I was on vacation along the Northern Aegean in Greece, where there’s next to zero info in guide books. I used GE, with local wi-fi, to hunt for hidden beaches along the coast of the Sithonian Peninsula. Found some amazing places. Fantastic!

    I wish it could sync with the desktop version so, I could have my favorite places on my iPod touch!

  4. Iceman
    I suggest you get GMap. I like it a lot. No need to have interned connection, all the maps are stored on board. Very nice for traveling in the boondocks. As good as a standalone GPS. Pretty cheap as well.

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