StarNet releases MacLIVE; first persistent X server for Apple’s Macintosh platform

MacMall 96 Hour Apple SaleStarNet Communications of Sunnyvale, California, a leading developer of remote host connectivity solutions, announced MacLIVE, the first X11 terminal solution for the Apple Macintosh platform offering stable, persistent and secure connections to remote Unix and Linux host computers.

Combining the Mac’s own X11 application with StarNet’s proven LIVE connection technology, MacLIVE allows users to easily and securely display desktops and applications running on remote Unix and Linux servers onto their Macintosh computer. An integrated high-speed Secure Shell (SSH) encryption engine allows MacLIVE to display X applications over slow Internet connections at unprecedented speed.

MacLIVE introduces the concept of persistent “LIVE” X connections to the Mac platform. LIVE connections protect users from losing their remote sessions should the Mac get disconnected due to a power or network interruption. StarNet’s LIVE Server component keeps the sessions running on the remote host while the workstation is disconnected. Users can also manually disconnect their machine and reconnect at a later time.

“MacLIVE completes our effort to make our LIVE connection technology available on all major workstation platforms. Remote access to Unix and Linux applications has never been this portable, fast and secure,” said Steven Schoch, co-founder and chief executive officer of StarNet, in the press release.

Because the LIVE server is compatible with Macintosh, Windows, and Linux platforms, Mac users can suspend remote X sessions from their Mac and resume them on either another Macintosh or Windows or Linux workstation. MacLIVE also allows users, for the first time, to collaborate with other Macintosh, Windows and Linux users by utilizing the Session Sharing feature of MacLIVE.

Traditionally X11 emulation has taken place mostly on Windows computers. In recent years, Macintosh and Linux workstations have become popular among design engineers, especially in the area of high-end computing. “We have seen a significant migration from Windows workstations to Macintosh and Linux workstations. Our LIVE technology nicely bridges these major user platforms so users can work more productively in mixed platform environments,” said Schoch.

MacLIVE lists at US$99 and can be downloaded with a 30-day trial license from the StarNet web site. More info here.

Source: StarNet Communications Corp.


  1. $99 and it accomplishes nothing more than any VNC software would. How is this different from any other VNC?
    “It keeps the connection open” should your network connection drop – how difficult is it to click reconnect on “Chicken Of The VNC”?

  2. X-11” … I remember using that – badly – when I was a sort of Jr. Unix Admin. “Badly” because it was not as easy as it seemed and I wasn’t as good as I wanted to be. More, it was there to solve difficult problems that could have been as easily solved by walking down the hall – in my case.
    Yes, I was happy to discover this in the OSX tool-box, but I’ve never even thought about actually USING it. So … this new “thing” makes it easier for admins to use X-11 reliably. How nice for them. Ho-hum

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